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Is Kate Bosworth Okay?

kate bosworth skinny

Kate Bosworth is well-known for being thin, but these photos of her that just emerged are alarming. She’s about to be married to film director Michael Polish, so maybe she’s really stressed out with wedding planning? I mean…I know she was always skinny but this is…this is…here’s what she looked like in her A-list Blue Crush days:

blue crush bikini bosworth

I get that in Blue Crush she played a surfer, so she’s naturally going to put on muscle for the film, but that muscle had to build on something. She wasn’t as thin in the top photo as she was when she started.

And why do celebrities get their own groceries? They know that’s how lots of paparazzi get easy money, right? You never see George Clooney or Beyonce get their own groceries. Their assistants do that. ESPECIALLY at Bristol Farms (I can tell by the bags.) If you’re a celebrity you don’t do your own shopping at Bristol Farms or Whole Foods unless you want to be photographed. They’re like The Ivy of supermarkets. I guess I just answered my own question then. Okay, anyway, moving on.

I hope she’s okay.

kate bosworth skinny

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  • Does she date men who like anorexic women or do they just not give a fuck about her? If I looked like that my boyfriend would probably admit me to a psyche ward if I refused help.

    • I think she’s trying to look good in the pictures at her wedding.

      She’s probably healthy. I doubt her body fat percentage is lower than a good women’s marathon runner (although she’s looking like she lost a lot of muscle since Blue Crush).

  • Most importantly… HE okay?! God, bird of a feather flock together. They are apparently enabling each other’s anorexia.

  • More importantly, what are in those bags? Four grocery bags? Those two aren’t eating four grocery bags of anything.

  • Tbh, I really dislike this woman for being such a famewhore/staging papshots all the time, but God, she looks horrible.
    I really feel for her, she seems really sick. I am also wondering why no one is kicking her man’s ass; why doesn’t he do anything? Does he like her this thin? When she started dating him she was at least 15 pounds heavier. What happened during that period of time? She looks horrible, and he lost tons of weight too.. Is he manorexic? Are they on a diet together? I hope he is not the one convincing her to lose weight, that would be horrible..
    Anyway, hope someone helps her/them.

    • I know this is late…but…Wow you sound ignorant. You don’t sound like the usual feminist either.