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Firefighters Rushed To Jon Hamm’s Home — Both House And Dong Are Okay

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Jon Hamm had a scare when his smoke alarm went off and two huge f-cking firetrucks raced to his Los Feliz home. I gotta find this place. (For research.) I knew he lived in my neighborhood because he showed up at my bar once but I didn’t think it was him because it didn’t look anything like him. But that’s a whole other story that none of you want to hear, so in conclusion, I saw Jon Hamm and was disappointed and I probably drink too much.

TMZ has photos and details. Apparently this is what Jon Hamm’s house/apartment/whatever looks like:

jon hamm apartment

Not what I expected.

Firefighters raced to Jon Hamm’s Los Feliz home this morning after a smoke alarm went off … but fear not, TMZ has learned the “Mad Men” star was never in any real danger.

Two fire trucks rolled up at 9:19 AM and firefighters went inside … by 9:22 AM, they were on their way out after determining the whole thing was a false alarm.

We spent 10 minutes trying to think of a Jon Hamm “fire hose” joke … but couldn’t — so, feel free to insert your own here.

Okay, how about, “It was reported that the firefighters couldn’t use their hose because it was ‘too intimidated.'”

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  • Is that his dong in the window on the right? Or a ghost? A ghost dong? On phone; hard to tell… Dudette, samesies, gunna keep my eyes peeled for The Donger in this hood…

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