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Schwarzenegger’s Kid Is Kind Of A Jerk

arnold schwarzenegger son patrick

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s 19 year old son, Patrick, was kicked out of Sayers, LA’s #1 eye rollingest club, on Saturday night. He used a fake ID to get in and then, being a super smart guy, acted like a rowdy jackass by throwing ice cubes at the DJ. (Could have been worse; he could have gone Morrissey style and hanged the wretched DJ.) Honestly, who throws ice cubes? Oh, right, an entitled 19 year old asshole.

Then, upon being kicked out, he went all Justin Bieber and shouted he was going to, “Beat the f-ck out of the DJ.”

If he and Bieber aren’t already BFF…then let’s not stop them.

TMZ has more:

“I’m gonna go beat the f**k out of the DJ,” [Patrick] told a group of friends while outside the club.

He then continued complaining to another friend, “Everyone around me wants to beat the f**k out of the DJ … [it sounds like Patrick says ‘gay boy’] … I’ll beat the f**k out of him.”

“He kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner.”

… as Patrick tries to get into an SUV to leave the scene, he’s DENIED by the driver — and Patrick proceeds to condescendingly wave his hand in the driver’s face. Another diva moment.

What? Ugh. Of course he thinks this is how life works. And I’m sure nothing will come of this. At least he didn’t go on a racist tirade like Sean Penn’s kid. So, I mean, there’s that small saving grace? Although he may have called someone gay as an insult…not really sure what TMZ is implying there.

If you’re going to behave like that, why not just invite a bunch of your idiot friends over to your house where you can have a giant ice pelting party and do whatever the f-ck you want? And seriously, dude, Sayers sucks. That’s just embarrassing.

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