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LeAnn Rimes Has To Buy Twitter Followers

leann rimes

LeAnn Rimes is a Sriracha hot mess, isn’t she? She landed herself a lovely spot on the Top 20 Most Hated Celebrities List so it makes total sense that she would have to buy twitter followers. That’s what Gossip Girl is suggesting:

Turns out LeAnn’s Twitter follower number was dropping on Friday and then in the course of 17 hours between yesterday and today, she gained more than 16,000 new fans (most of which have 0-3 tweets total). Twitter users are speculating that she paid one of the many companies out there which give you fake followers (and some can even give you fake RTs!)

Again, not being sarcastic, it makes sense — Ms. Rimes is not a well-liked celebrity at the moment. And for the past several moments. Years. There. I was puzzled as to why Justin Bieber needed to buy twitter followers, but now that he’s turning into such a little twit (and also joining Rimes on the list), I’ll believe it.

Rimes is creeping up on half a million twitter followers. Her twitter feed is full of wonderful interesting tweets like, “SoHo House dinner was o-mazing! Can we say sweats now anyone?!” and “Who the HELL taught our cab driver how to drive???? Dude, you don’t pump the breaks to stop!!! #vomit” as well as retweets from fans.

Earlier in the week she tweeted,

Quote of the day from Jie who blew my hair out this evening “No drama no life” I died laughing at that one

Ha ha ha ha ha ha omg LeAnn, you so went there!

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