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James Deen’s Dong Cannot Compete With Jon Hamm’s

james deen

Jon Hamm, as we all know by now, has a large dong. James Deen, porn star, does not, according to Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. lol like you’re the only one who’s seen James Deen naked and can make that assessment, but okay.

Farrah, probably all miffed that Mr. Deen openly admitted that their sex tape was actually porn and not a leaked sex tape, retaliated by telling TMZ that Mr. Deen, “had a small penis.”

James Deen responded,

What is her problem???? It is obviously medium sized :)

On the list of things I care about the size of my penis is number 783.

Ahhh, Deeny Boy, you should have stopped with the first statement. As soon as someone says they don’t care about something, they’re making it something they care about.

Anyway, whatever Farrah, you can go home now. No one wants you here.


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  • I think by his second statement he meant that he has built a career around his penis so that’s kind of the last thing he’s worried about. but it’s all irrelevant because a simple google search shows that farrah could not be more wrong :)

    • Yeah, it’s amazing how no article has mentioned the extensive photographic and video evidence that makes her statement ridiculous. In other news, garabagemen do not collect garbage and football players are terrible at football.