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Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Is Suing Drake

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Yo, if you’re going to sue someone for some bodily harm, wouldn’t you do that shit immediately after it happened? Well, you’re clearly not Chris Brown‘s bodyguard Patrick Strickland, who just now filed a lawsuit against Drake and the W.i.P nightclub in New York over the brawl between Drake and Brown that happened last June.

I’m sure you remember the (boring) details: Drake apparently taunted poor Chris over the fact that he, too, f-cked Rihanna and she really liked it. This made Chris mad, Cristal bottles were thrown, lips were busted, blah blah blah. (Side note: Drake is wayyyy too thirsty, but that’s a whole other issue.) In any case, Strickland apparently got his head busted in the midst of all this and now he wants Drake and the club to pay up.

From The New York Post:

Hired muscle Patrick Strickland snidely refers to Drake as “a popular and successful, albeit critically derided, entertainer,” in his lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Strickland, 43, who hails from Queens Village, claims the hot spot, W.i.P., is responsible for the ugly head cut he suffered during the melee because it sat Brown’s entourage and Drake’s crew near each other, even though staffers knew the celebrities were beefing over sultry R&B songstress Rihanna.

The seating arrangement created “a substantial and unjustifiable risk that a mass altercation would occur between the two camps,” the suit for an unspecified amount of damages states.

Moreover, the club over-served Drake and his posse, and had an employee hand Brown a note from Drake that read: “I’m f–king the love of your life,” according to the Strickland suit.

The note allegedly led to a “verbal altercation” and that caused a “massive bar brawl that involved bottle throwing, possible gunshots and a general state of riot and disorder,” the suit charges.

Strickland was hit in the head and required stitches, reports said at the time. The suit says he endured “severe and disfiguring injuries to his face, head and eyes.”

Okay, how are you gonna blame a club for where you’re sitting? Last time I checked, club tables don’t come with chains and handcuffs – so get your ass up from the chair and move somewhere else, for God’s sake. And don’t get started on the whole cultural aspect of it and the fact that Brown’s camp wouldn’t have wanted to move and seem “weak” (remember, this is Drake on the other end, anyway). If that’s how they felt, then that’s fine and well, but you don’t then go boo hoo-ing your way into court when that decision backfires on your ass. Though I’m not sure what’s worse, a lawsuit or a song calling your enemy gay.

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  • I’m a restaurant owner, and Im really happy to know that some dip shit can file suit against me if I seat them next to someone they don’t like. I would also think that if you’re body guarding a known asshole , you might expect to sustain some injuries while working. So much in this story is absurd, like the fact that these assholes are even relevant .

    • Thinkin the same thing IF you’re hired as “muscle” isn’t it your job to take one for the team? This guy is work for the right guy they are both bitches.

  • Today I was watching morning tv while I had breakfast and ALAS DEGRASSI AND DRAKE!!!! And I almost died. Such a tough guy wow yeah.

  • Enough already with all this buffoonery.Someone ought to just place a big bowl of milk in a circle and let èm all sort it out like the pussies they are.

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