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Random Couple Alert: ‘Glee’s Naya Rivera and Big Sean

naya rivera big sean

In news you probably didn’t know (and most likely won’t care about), Glee actress Naya Rivera and rapper Big Sean are a couple now, I guess. The pair made their debut at the premiere of some movie called 42 in New York on Tuesday night, looking like they were going to a costume party dressed as a broke down Kanye and Kim.

Rumours that the pair were dating started back in March when Naya showed up at Big Sean’s surprise 25th birthday party. They also went to the Rihanna show in Los Angeles on Monday night, because nothing says romance like hearing ‘S&M’ in an arena setting.

Nothing else to say about this one besides the fact that it’s a really slow news day, hence the reason this C-List (and that’s being generous) piece is being published.

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  • a broke down Kanye and Kim: yes, yes they are! I didn’t see that one ’til you said it but the description fits like a warm, soon-to-be-leaked-tape- glove.

  • I hope you did your research of ” some movie called 42 ” it’s an important part of history and everyone should see the movie ! I hope you were kidding ! It’s been all over tv and the cast and family were just at the White House ! Everyone has been talking about it for months !!!! I would hope everyone would know the history anyway before they made a movie about it !! He was a very strong and courageous man !!

  • Yeah, I gotta agree I was shocked to hear the movie that tells the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play in American Major League Baseball referred to trivially as “some movie called 42”?!? I do realize it wasn’t the focus here, but it was the event they were attending, and that phrasing made it sound like it was some unimportant indie film headed straight for DVD that didn’t merit any more of our time. If it was a joke, you lost me.