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Michelle Williams Is Tired, Can’t Do Anything But Work And Motherhood

michelle williams

Shit, I’m tired just with the work bit. Add a kid into the mix and I’d probably be falling asleep over my coffee every morning. Michelle Williams is a successful actress, sure, but she’s also mother to her 7-year-old daughter Matilda (whose father, we all know, is the late Heath Ledger). She loves the work and she loves being a mom, but that doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

From Paper:

Do you have any side projects right now?
No, I wish I had side projects! I’m kind of like a “one thing at a time” girl. I can’t really take on [more]. I wish I was. I wish I was one of those people who’s also taking lots of photos. and going to cooking classes. But I just work and raise the kid. That’s all I can do.

Well, raising the kid is a job in and of itself.
Raising the kid is the work, yeah. And it’s amazing, and it’s the ultimate creative act. That’s my side project and my center project.

Sorta irks me for some weird reason that she refers to Matilda as “the kid” but I can’t really place why and that’s besides the point. I imagine it would be kind of hard to have any side projects when you’ve got a 7-year-old and are a famous actress and all. Like, when do you sit down to start whittling down your Netflix queue? When do you get a chance to run to the Girl Scout cookie cabinet to pick up your supply of Samoas? When do you TAKE A NAP? These are all very important questions. But wahhhh, is this why her love affair with Jason Segel is no more?!

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  • I never really got the Michelle Williams hype—until I watched ‘Take this Waltz’; now I’m a bit smitten.

  • Oh, it used to bother me when parents referred to their kids like that. Then I had my own and now I get the sentiment behind it. It’s tongue-in-cheek, or whatever the phrase is. Obviously Matilda is the center of her world, and that’s a little joke between Michelle and herself ;-)

  • The boy has always just been “the boy”. It tells him apart from the cats which are collectively refered to as “the ladies”.