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Canada’s Wills & Kate Are Planning a “Spectacular” Wedding


avril lavigne chad kroeger

Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger probably made your genitals shrivel and your body to begin involuntarily dry heaving last year when they announced they are engaged to be married because, you know… ew and stuff. In any case, Canada’s answer to William & Kate deserve nothing less than the very best, so that’s why Avril’s planning a “spectacular” wedding celebration for the pair. Oh, I bet!

From Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show:

“That’s how we met [by recording together]. I was really excited to work with Chad because he’s also a musician. We wrote a bunch of songs together, became really good friends, and now we have a wedding coming up.”

“It’s [going to be] kind of just a lot of close friends and family – it is sort of smaller. It’s going to be quite spectacular, and there’s a theme to it and we’re going pretty big. But Chad doesn’t even know everything yet!”

Oh, brother. If their wedding is half as bad as their music, the guests will be running away screaming before she’s halfway down the aisle. That’s one Evite list I’d like to be left off, thanks.

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  • “I was really excited to work with Chad because he’s also a musician.”

    Ummmm….does she often work on music with people who are NOT musicians? What an airhead.

  • We actually have some great musicians here in Canada. Why is it that the world has to think of us as home to Nickleback and Avril Lavigne? Why does the Canada Day fireworks on the Hill always have crappy acts like Jann Arden as “entertainment” every year? I’m not saying lets have Rough Trade, The Forgotten Rebels, D.O.A. or even The Dayglo Abortions up there singing “Proud to be a Canadian”, but how about some Arcade Fire, Metric or even some lesser known acts like C.R. Avery, Cosmic Granola or Furnaceface????

    • ja ja jaaaa, i’m lovin’ metric these days. surprised me ’cause i always thought canada music was shite like barenaked ladies & alanis morrisette (sp?). sorry. my bad as they say. arcade fire’s ruling as well, so *high*five*.

    • I’d love to see DOA as the half time entertainment at the grey cup…can you imagine?

      Also this article totally offends me. Canada’s answer to Will and Kate? Do you know anything about this country?

      • CFL is not the same since it left the CBC. Well, that and the fact my Ti Cats haven`t won the cup since 1999. Yeah, Chad and Avril, Canada`s sweethearts, LOL!!! Sorry, once more, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

        (Now bring on the Justin Trudeau gossip because he`s just yummy!!!)

    • And my ALL TIME FAVORITES GREAT BIG SEA! I’m seriously obsessed with that amazing band. But then again, I spent my childhood in Halifax, NS – we like that kind of music there.

    • YES!!! I remember Metric coming to play at UBC when I was in 2nd year – Succexy was the highlight of that afternoon. We have so many amazing home-grown singers/bands, and we only get recognized for the crap our country produces.

  • Bonnakins, I didn’t know you were in Canada… Where? I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Bc. Btw, I think the world holds a grudge against the biebs, anne murray, and celine dion.

    • South Park nailed it with their, “No, no, Canada has publically apologized on many occasions for Bryan Adams…” I’m nowhere near BC these days. I live in a tiny Northern Ontario town about four and a half hours from Ste Saint Marie in one direction and three and a half hours from Thunder Bay in the other. Think lots of windy, badly maintained highway with rocks, water and trees as far as the eye can see. I’ve lived all over Canada west of Montreal, but this is home now. It’s a great place to be a little boy, but it means a lot of online shopping for me just to find things like shoes. (The boy goes through two to three sizes a year!)

      • Sounds great for a growing boy! Btw, it doesnt get easier… I spent over $1,600.00 last year on cleats alone.Throw in regular shoes, ski boots, climbing shoes it adds up fast!

      • OH B-Adams! i forgot he was a canuck. “run to you” is my JAM, man. wuddup, chaz! you put up a good “fight” over on that thar OTHER thread, haaaaaa, crikey…

      • Eh…. It wasn’t the same. Kinda like finally humping the hot chick then realizing that you were just going through the motions with the subsequent shags. My fav northern music artists are Tara MacLean from PEI, and Ashley Macisaac from Nova Scotia…..he plays a traditional Scottish fiddle & he electrifies it….you haven’t lived till you’ve heard Night Fever on the bagpipes!

  • avril lavigne is back to her old sk8er girl way she hasn’t never changed at all so this is for all you haters just take a walk in avril shoes before you judge her that don’t know her and don’t say things about her cuz maybe the things that you say are about your self avril will be filming sk8er boi movie soon and another movie called Georgia girl crush her charater name is georgina Gellar

  • avril lavigne loves everybody and cares so much about them in her life she will just always be there by your side when ever you need a true friend to lean on she will just always help you get through it and shell just always be with you till the end avril isn’t taking drugs cuz she is a true Christian pastor daughter in the faith of gods eyes haters only god can judge her nobody else cant