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Okay, We Get It: LeAnn Rimes’ Feud With Brandi Glanville Is “Difficult”

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Here’s something that will shock you: Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes don’t get along. They never have, they never will, nothing will ever change. There are no new developments in their relationship, nothing new has happened… and yet they’re both still talking about it. You’d think, after LeAnn made a final “I’m done apologizing!” statement last month that she was finally ready to move on with her life, but you’d be wrong, because she’s got more to say and it’s something you’ve never heard before (kidding, you’ve totally heard it a million times).

From Fabulous:

Eddie’s ex-wife, Brandi, has been pretty vocal about her feelings for you. What’s your relationship like now?

That’s where you write “insert face reaction here”.

Eek… That doesn’t sound good.

It’s been really difficult. You have to stand up for yourself and be your own person, but at the same time you have to protect these children and their hearts. And that’s a very tough balance.

Do you have any regrets?

I don’t like that word. Do I wish I handled it differently? Absolutely. No one wants to hurt anyone or put themselves through hurt. I think the only other thing we could’ve done would have been to get out of our marriages before anything happened. It was tough, and it all happened very fast. I felt so ashamed and guilty.

God, we get it. And why are people still asking about this like some new revelation is going to come to light? Just make it stop. At least Brandi seems preoccupied at the moment with her one-time fling with Gerard Butler, even though he didn’t even remember her name.

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  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    There are a group of Leann fans who go around pretending that they are on team brandi. You know how the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. The problem is that these people who claim to be “team Brandi” (YOU) have a very bad habit of attacking other Brandi fans or going berserk when someone says something about Leann that they don’t like. If you are a fan of Brandi’s then chill and stop throwing a tantrum about what people are posting about Leann. It makes it very suspcious when people like you go this crazy telling people when and what they can post about Leann! If you were a true Brandi fan you wouldn’t even care.

    Aren’t you in the UK? I could have thought you said that you were in the UK. So you came to the US just to visit DWTS? How do we know that Leann didn’t send you to DWTS to stalk and harass Brandi, she is already sending her fans to Brandi’s house?

    Try not to be so public with your tweets to Leann, NIKKI!

    You also said that you weren’t

  • i’m in LA. have been for way too long. it took me 20 minutes to get to the studios of DWTS to support my pal who was dancing. just lucky i guess, having sat close enough to the brandster. i totally thought you’d be proud of me; now you’re just making me sad & raining on my parade – why, guest, why? i wouldn’t piss on leann if her bikini was on fire. well at least you know now i’m not chaz, so there’s that. progress. we can do it.

  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    now you’re just making everyone sad because they are raining on you parade – YA, TRUTHHURTS, SELENA? It’s obvious you are a Leann supporter, you even write the same things on herer and Celebrity Bitchy that you post on your “ANDITFEELSLIKEX” twitter account. So there? Just what Leann said when someone on twitter said that Eddie wasn’t home with her because he was out with his mistress. So Leann gives you a script to follow. Progress will come when you learn to accept that people don’t have to write nice things about Leann.

    Now you live in LA? That isn’t what you said before. Why would anyone be proud of you pretending to be a Brandi fan just because you supposedly took a photo of Brandi with her son?

    NIKKI, why do you tweet to Leann?

  • @CHAZ

    I have a feeling you are watching Leann’s career go down the toilet. Leann’s fans have been very agitated this week, what’s going on? After you made a big deal about people posting about Leann, why are you even posting in a Leann thread?

  • Is it just me or is LeeAnn morphing into Brandi? They look more and more alike. Maybe they see the same surgeon? They will be twins by the year 2015.

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