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January Jones Likes That You Think She’s Crazy

january jones sag dress

January Jones doesn’t care that you think she’s crazy…at least when it comes to her fashion choices. As told to The Washington Post:

It makes me laugh when the ‘Fashion Police’ hate what I wear. I loved my whole look that night [at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards]. It was really fun. And I just like people looking at me like I was crazy.

(Photo of said outfit is above.)

I really love her for frame of mind. She goes on about fashion:

I think that fashion is an art. It’s a fun way to express yourself. … And I sort of like not pleasing people a bit. … I embrace it [being a style icon]. I love fashion so much, and I keep trying to push the envelope and keep doing things that are fun for me, different.

Ugh, the whole “fashion is an art” statement is so overdone. Can we retire that one?

She still wishes though that she hadn’t talked about the whole placenta eating thing.

Reminder — Mad Men premieres this Sunday! Hopefully we’ll see Ms. Jones in some hate-worthy outfits. Because it’s only hate-worthy outfits that are worth anything at all.

Check out some of January Jones’ best (worst?) looks in our gallery.


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