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Lana Del Rey Wins Over Alicia Keys, Rihanna, And Taylor Swift

lana del rey brit awards 2013

Lana Del Rey beat an impressive list of nominees in the International Female Solo Artist category at the 2013 Brit Awards. And I care about this because I love Lana Del Rey and am glad that somewhere in the world someone is recognizing her talent and not just hating on her nails and lips because obviously if a woman has fake nails and fake lips (allegedly), she’s untalented trash.

The other nominees for best International Female Solo Artist were Alicia Keys, Cat Power, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

Man, the Brits do a lot of things better than Americans. Over here you would never see Cat Power on the same list as Rihanna and Taylor Swift for anything.

From NME:

Best International Female was Lana Del Rey. “I lived here and I love it here and I wrote my record here and I’m honoured,” said the US singer songwriter on receiving her award. She also thanked her management for helping to turn her life into a “work of art.”

Don’t get on me for spelling “honored” with a U, I’m quoting a British publication. They do things differently there. For example, their awards aren’t gold and shiny like ours, they’re…this:

lana del rey britain award winner

Hey, that’s fun. They also appear to change each year depending on the theme of the show. This year I guess it’s polkadots. Neat.

Also, Lana, I love you, but I don’t love what you’re wearing or what your hair is doing. But I still think you are a beautiful and talented woman.

Ms. Del Rey arrived with her boyfriend-or-fiance?, Scottish alternative Folk musician, Barrie-James O’Neill.

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  • Love this! Lana is amazing! I’m still shocked that she got snubbed at the Grammy’s. It blows my mind that Carly Rae Jepsen got recognized over Lana. The Brits know what’s up!

  • The trophy this year was designed by Damien Hirst who had an exhibition at the Tate Modern for a while last year. Google him if you haven’t seen his art yet, it’s quite fun and quirky. And material for debate if you love animals.

  • I love the way you wrote this…’obviously if a woman has fake lips and nails – she’s untalented trash’…People are so superficial about being condescendingly cruel towards people who have had any superficial tweaking (which doesn’t influence the entire person – it’s only skin, right?). It’s part of their job to look good. We should be bashing their surgeons and surgical techniques rather than beating up the victims of plastic surgery gone wrong. It’s heartbreaking. They wanted to look BETTER and end up looking like the Joker sometimes (not her.)

    • I really hate it cuz my boyfriend bought me a boob job waaaaay back in 1987 – when everyone was getting one. No problems. They’re so proportionate that no one even guesses their fake – even if they see me nude in the locker room.

      Still, I’ve heard hundreds of people complain to me about “those women” who have fake boobs and why I’m better. ROFL.

      I’d never get a boob job today. It was dumb but I did it. I’m not a superficial person. I’ve not had anything else done since – just saying it’s so wrong to judge a book by it’s cover…..

    • I think people make fun of her because the work she’s had done really sucks. Her lips are like this separate entitity, independent of her face.

      That said, I kind of dig her music. I’d rather listen to her than any of the other nominees, that’s for sure.

  • This woman CANNOT sing a stinking note and why she is THIS famous is beyond me. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard-gross.