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Lana Del Rey Engaged?

lana del rey engagement ring

Lana Del Rey may or may not be engaged to Barrie-James O’Neill of the “Scottish alternative folk band” Kassidy. Okay, raise your hands if:

a.) You didn’t know Lana Del Rey even had a boyfriend.

b.) You’ve ever heard of Barrie-James O’Neill.

c.) You’ve ever heard of Kassidy.

d.) You’ve ever heard of “Scottish alternative folk” as a genre.

I’m not hating! I’m just learning so much today!

I adore dear Lana. She gets a lot of hate, most of it seemingly for no real reason. (Rumor has it one major fashion company passed on using her as their spokeswoman because they didn’t like her long fake nails. H&M to the rescue!) I don’t understand the anger. Listen to her music, give the girl a chance. Watch any other live performance of hers that wasn’t the SNL ones. She’s good.

This is a pretty substantial ring. Surely she must realize that people are going to interpret this as an engagement ring. Apparently though, she’s worn this ring before; but on her ring finger. Perhaps she’s so in love with it that she wants it to take up permanent residence on the chosen finger. Now I want to see her wedding dress. Now. Even if she isn’t engaged, I don’t care, I still want to see it! Now.

Lana’s not saying anything. As of now, her latest tweet is simply “GATSBY”. Until it’s confirmed or denied, I guess we’re kinda outta luck. (That was a reference to one of her earlier songs, so for the 2 of you out there who got it, high five!) O’Neill isn’t saying anything either. He’s probably really focused on his Scottish alternative folk music at the moment.


Image by NY Mag.

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  • That bow or whatever it is she’s got in her hair is so stupid.

    Also, hi Catherine! I love your writing style. Please don’t leave us!

  • I don’t like her because she changed everything about herself for fame. Fake hair, fake nails, fake face, fake name, fake persona, fake endorsements – I just can’t respect that. Plus when I saw her live last summer she performed like a drunk/high blow-up doll so I wasn’t impressed.

    • “I don’t like her because she changed everything about herself for fame.” Doesn’t everyone, dear? From Lady Gaga to Elton John? Did you know his real name is Reginald Dwight and that he obtained a hilarious collection of sunglasses and crazy costumes as a gimmick? And it worked? And good lord, could I really not think of a more up-to-date example other than Elton John?

      “Plus when I saw her live last summer she performed like a drunk/high blow-up doll so I wasn’t impressed.” This part is a legit complaint and that’s a real bummer. Damn.

      • Yes, absolutely, but Elton John established his persona early on in his career (if you exempt the pub gigs) – when him and Taupin got together that was it. My problem is more that Lana Del Rey tried with what she wanted to do, and failed, I’m sure we’ve all seen the recordings of her in jeans and tshirt singing her songs. The public didn’t like it so she got a load of surgery, got a magnificent PR and label on board, and pretended to be someone she’s wasn’t (at that point). No comment on how she’s adapted that persona. I think the same of Gaga, I much preferred her as Stephani Germanotta, but hey, she’s an excellent pop hit writer and a few of her songs are here to stay. I think she’s fake as hell.

  • I don’t care for her because she can’t sing but continues to do so because people keep letting her, Burt Bacharach writes great songs but I don’t want to hear him sing them.