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Edward Furlong Goes Back To Jail

john connor

Edward Furlong, super cool guy, was sentenced to jail today for allegedly violating the protective order his girlfriend filed against him. When I say “back to jail” what I mean is that he’s been there three times in the past four months for domestic abuse. In 2010 he was put on three years probation for violating a protective order from his wife at the time.

Let’s also not forget that he gave his six-year-old cocaine.

The judge alledgly commented at sentencing something like, “You’re not taking this seriously” and “You need to get help for substance abuse” (Via TMZ.) Where was this judge for every one of Ms. Lohan‘s hearings?

Mr. Furlong had a pretty great career going for a while there: CSI: NY, Detroit Rock City, American History X, and of course, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, in which he played John Connor, thus possibly having his career highlight at age 14.


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