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Edward Furlong Gave His Six-Year-Old Some Cocaine

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So here’s the story in a nutshell—Edward Furlong is a big, stupid trainwreck who sabotaged a promising career (his own, you guys; no one else was dumb enough to get behind this moron in the fast lane) because he couldn’t put down the blow or the heroin. He ruined his marriage and then, to add insult to injury, starred in this movie (that I loved) called ‘Arachnoquake‘, which was about behemoth, albino spiders that had emerged from ground fissures opened up by earthquakes … you know, hence the crafty ‘Arachnoquake’ title, which obviously indicates that scary, subterranean spiders were chilling on the earth’s surface because some earthquakes happened. I love context clues, don’t you?

Anyway, after he did all of these mortally insulting things, a judge ruled that he would no longer have private contact with his six-year-old son, a product of his aforementioned divorce, as a random drug test on the child turned up positive for cocaine after an extended visit with his father. Furlong, of course, claims that he has nothing to do with his son’s apparent drug habit, and states that his ex-wife would, quote, “alienate [him] further from [his] son and destroy [his] ability to work.” But in response to that, I say, “No, ‘Arachnoquake’ did that, and oh, right, all the drugs you still do all the time.”

Here’s the trailer for ‘Arachnoquake’—see if you can find Edward in it somewhere. You’ll be looking for the short, bloated dude who has serious trouble formulating thoughts, let alone intelligible words:

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  • Damn! He does look incredibly bad now.

    Thee writer’s description of him was spot on.

    Re:”You’ll be looking for the short, bloated dude who has serious trouble formulating thoughts, let alone intelligible words:”

    “I’ve not seen anything he’s done since AHX and apparently I’ve not missed anything since. Edward “not” Furlong is more like it.

  • I feel bad for him. It’s astounding how when a person has been elevated, as in the case of stars like Robert Pattison, how people worship these guys’ popularity…but whena these guys fall, people, the same ones that ‘ hd a crush,.es on/had posters of them, will turn on them. That is the only reason why Kristen Stewart is with him because thousands of girls want him… but what will happen if his aura fades. People show you how much they care when the chips are down.

    • They are just celebs as long as they are young and beautiful and then they need substance and when they don’t have it there are dozens already to come along and take there place. You’re right they don’t derserve the adoration they get and they don’t deserve the beating they take when it’s over for them but that’s the life they chose.

  • This junk is such a lie. Obviously a person running awebsite about “evil gossip” will be making up evil gossip. What an idiot.

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