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Hailee Steinfeld Makes My Heart Flutter, Then Breaks It

Hailee Steinfeld pictures, photos

Hailee Steinfeld is just too gorgeous for words, but I must try anyway.

Fashion Week is almost here, and we will have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy numerous front-row celeb sightings at the runaways in Paris, Milan, London and (my favorite) New York , because if there’s one place celebrities feel more at home other than at a red carpet premiere, it’s a fashion show.  I guess they are attracted by the in free clothes, the champagne and the abominable numbers worn by sickly stick figures, otherwise known as haute couture. But then again, I can’t be a fashion critic because my style can be only qualified as “perpetually stuck in the ’90s thrift store chic”.

Hailee Steinfeld apparently knows more about this sort of a thing.  She mingles with designers, does a lot of brand name-dropping in interviews, and appears on the cover of Fashion magazine.  Duh.  She is probably my favorite actress from her generation, and I find her stunningly beautiful.  But I am afraid that she’s one of those girls whose words sadly cancel the charm of their appearance.  From the interview:

‘I love Prabal Gurung, so he’s always an option. I remember sitting in the front row to watch his show at fashion week and the music came on and all these gorgeous clothes had such a message.

‘All these strong-willed women—holding their own—walking down his runway looked as gorgeous as ever. I walked away feeling like that’s what I’d feel like when I would put his clothes on.’

Now, a lot can be said about how cruel the fashion industry can be, equally so to both people and the environment, and I don’t even want to go into how it objectifies women and promotes a certain superficial way of looking at things.  We can skip all that, but even then “strong-willed women holding their own” would be a stretch.

Hailee, girl, you are sweet, but I think the glamorous celebrity life has clouded your judgement a bit.  And if you guys disagree, get this: During Paris Fashion Week, Hailee also hung out with our favorite Taylor Swift.

Boy, oh boy.  I can only hope that Hailee will grow wiser in time – after all, she’s only 16 – and will not turn into a fashion snob, or worse, a delusional serial dater.

Hailee Steinfeld pictures, photos

Images via The Daily Mail.

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  • I believe Hailee has been a part of the fashion world for a while now – she was the face of Miu Miu at like 12? They were gorgeous ads even though at the time I was a bit confused that their ‘face’ was a kid.