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Chloe Moretz Is Too Damn Grown at 15

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s teenagers. They’re the worst. Ever. That’s a general statement, but there’s also a particular brand of teenager that chaps my hide rawer than all the rest, and that’s the ones that think they’re mini adults. I’m sad to announce to you all that I fear Chloe Moretz is beginning to fall into that category.

“But no!” you say. “She was so good in Kick-Ass/500 Days of Summer/Let the Right One In (shitty remake – the Swedish is better!)/30 Rock/blah blah.” That may be the case, but now that she’s 15 and super into the standard teen fare – you know, driving and fashion and boys and shit – and she has tons of money on which to spend on those interests,  it’s a brutal combination that is making her become tedious and really, really annoying. Not to mention the whole pretentious “I’m Chloe Grace Moretz now” three name thing. Ugh.

From Teen Vogue:

“I look back at that [Kick Ass],” says Chloë, “and I think, Wow, I see why it’s so inappropriate.” She laughs. “You know, I could be in high school right now, like any other normal fifteen-year-old girl. I’m proud to say that I made a different life for myself. I’m a businesswoman.” As we step onto the Top of the Rock observation deck, though, she transforms from a teen superstar to just another tourist. “Oh my God, I have to Instagram this,” she says, iPhone pointing toward Central Park, all of New York City at her feet. Chloë adds, “Los Angeles is fun and I’ve lived there for ten years, but there’s something about New York. I’m pretty much New York in every way.”

I mean, I get it. It could be a lot worse and she’s just a modern teen being herself and adolescence is hard to navigate, yada yada, but hear me out:

In addition to the upcoming summer blockbuster Kick-Ass 2, Chloë’s tackling a cinematic classic as the leading lady in the latest remake of Carrie, out this fall. “Carrie is the epitome of a girl who’s been broken down by others,” she explains. Nabbing the title role in the horror flick, based on the novel by Stephen King, was not seamless, according to Chloë. “When I was auditioning for Carrie, I was told, ‘Well, look, you’re too young, you’re too pretty, you’re too accomplished.’ ” After reading the book three times and doing extensive research on the part, she was determined to prove them wrong. “I love showing people I can do something that they might think I will never be able to do. Playing someone who’s happy-go-lucky and has a good life and a nice family—it’s boring for me,” she says. “Because that’s my life. I have a good family. My mom loves me. I like being challenged, playing characters that are a little messed up.”

I’m so sorry it’s so difficult for you to be so pretty, and to have a family that loves you and loads of money. Life must suck so hard with all your cashmere sweaters (she mentions them herself) and iPhone snaps. Kill me now. She does at least have some good sides to her, like caring about her education (“It’s really important to me,” she says. “I want to be able to say, ‘I’m not just an actress.’ I need to be able to say, ‘I can quit this business and go live my own life and be whoever I want to be.’ Going to college will help prevent me from being restrained or put into a box.”), I just really, really don’t want her to turn into another insufferable Hollywood asshole.

She is a pretty good actress, though.

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  • This post sounds like some catty high school attack. By the way, she doesn’t call herself “Chloe Grace Moretz.” That’s simply her official name for films and has been since she started acting. She’s listed that way in every movie she’s been in. My god, she talked about boys, fashion, and teenage interests in…..a teen magazine. How ironic! And the only one mentioning her money is you.

  • Let Me In may suffer in comparison to the original Swedish film, but I would by no means call it a “shitty remake.” It was a really well-done movie, and the first horror movie in a long time to genuinely creep me out.

  • There was a lot of hate in that post for no reason. She said she has a good life and wants to show others that she really can act by doing different characters. She wasn’t bragging she was stating a fact. how awful of her?

  • Take it easy, folks – I’d be a pretty sad person if I legit hated a teenager, let alone one I don’t even know. It’s celeb gossip and it’s tongue in cheek!

  • Wow the attack on moretz is so over the top its not even funny in fact its just sad.

    taking one interview and turning into something negative in other to attack her is just plain wrong

    p.s let me in was one the most critically successful horror remakes ever made

  • “If there’s one thing I hate, it’s teenagers. They’re the worst. Ever. ”

    Um, YES. I got your back, Jennifer…I fully agree with ALL of that up there.

    • Seriously? I can’t tell you how stupid it is when people say this. Not only is it ageist to try to fit all teenagers into a specific category so that you can mock them / berate them, (ex: i’m 12 and what is this meme) but you hate them now? Do you remember when you were a teenager? How would you feel if in this age obsessed world called America (for some reason) now thirty year olds feel the need to make fun of those younger than them? You can’t control when you’re born or when you popped out of a stomach. So stop being smart. Although you think it’s a joke, it’s truly not that funny. Being a teenager isn’t some fun little task, it’s just as hard as any other stage of your life above it, easier in some ways, tougher in others.

  • I think people in their teens tend to say really stupid assholely things that they think make them sound super cool. But most of them (well, “us” in the past for people like me) are fortunate enough not to have them recorded and available for millions of people to read and to be kept for posterity.

  • She’s friggin’ adorable! Growing fast. I too hope she can stay the course & refrain from becoming a total asshole. Teenagers are quite annoying – was reminded of that when I had to wait in line with many at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, egads.

  • I love her. There isn’t anything wrong with what she said. The comment about her being too pretty makes sense. Carrie is supposed to be an outcast girl. Chloe looks like someone who would be typecast as the popular girl. As for accomplished maybe they originally wanted an unknown actress.

  • I don’t think Chloe is going to turn into a “hollywood asshole” since she doesn’t go anywhere without her mom or brother, so her family seems to keep her grounded and down to earth. Let Me In was a good movie (for a remake), it beats the crap out of that Twilight shit.

  • This girl is headed for one of two things….an OSCAR or a porn career!!!!!! LOL Just kidding…definitely the OSCAR!!!!!! CHLOE rocks!! Love her…………:-)

    • She’s too rich already to be a pr0n star. there’s no upside in it. At most, she’ll bare her boobs at 35, when they’re already sagging and it’s no use anymore.

    • Noooooooooooooohooooooooo She’s too rich already to be a pr0n star. there’s no upside in it. At most, she’ll bare her boobs at 35, when they’re already sagging and it’s no use anymore.

  • I’m with Jennifer. The problem is with Moretz is not only that she’s a asshole of a teenager, she also looks WAAAY to old to even be a believable 15 year old. It’s her face, it’s too glossy. THAT’s the real reason that “Let me in” remake was so bad: The leads were Disneyfied or rather they made the movie look like a disney movie.

    Like all 15 year old Hollywood actresses, Moretz looks at least 23 years of age. I mean, have you SEEN Sasha Pieterse, Elle Fanning, Taylor Momsen and Bella Thorne? They look so old for their age! Nothing natural about them any more, at an age when there’s absolutely no need for foundation or whatever make up.

    “When I was auditioning for Carrie, I was told, (…) you’re too accomplished.’ ”
    Dear Chloe, that’s the polite way of saying “you suck big time”

    “I look back at that [Kick Ass],” says Chloë, “and I think, Wow, I see why it’s so inappropriate.”

    We can only hope when she looks back at THAT statement, she will realize what a total a-hole statement that was. Plus, totally hypocritical, since she has no qualms about doing Kick-ass 2 …….. Where are her mom and her brother to prevent her from saying such dumb stuff?

    • Myswag,

      You didn’t think those comments out very well before posting them. Being told she’s too accomplished is equivalent to being told she sucks? Makes perfect sense and explains why she got the part.

      Saying that the swearing and violence her 11-year-old character took part of was inappropriate is hypocritical because she decided to partake in the sequel at 15?

      Pretty sure the only asshole here is you.

      • of course she’s a hypocrite. Hit-Girl is a great character and it wouldn’t be thus, if that character got all “cleaned up”. If all of a sudden she’s gone all “oooh little girls shouldn’t swear” on us NOW, then she shouldn’t GO BACK to that role. Maybe you should try to understand what the word hypocrite means, before you open your fat mouth.

      • Maybe you should try making a cogent point. She never said she shouldn’t have done the character. All she said was that she can now see why it’s inappropriate. You are the one trying to decipher her comments. And considering she’s still playing the character, I think she’s okay with it overall.

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