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Mike Tyson Thinks Justin Bieber is “Pretty Awesome”

It’s the weekend, and what better way to spend a Saturday than to feature stories with crazy people? I leave you today with a little gem from your favorite bird-loving banned boxer, Mike Tyson, who – besides his fondness for his avian friends – also really loves… Justin Bieber?

From MTV News:

“I just think he’s pretty awesome,” Tyson said, “And I think his cut with Big Sean [‘As Long As You Love Me’] was pretty awesome too.”

Tyson then further emphasized this point by singing a few lines from a Bieber tune (though, to be honest, we’re not sure which Bieber tune) and said that his knowledge of music was nearly as impressive as his collection of title belts … a fact he owes mainly to his wife.

“If you saw my iPad, I have everything. My wife puts everything on my iPad. You know, ‘Justin? Let’s put him in there. Let’s put Rihanna in there. Let’s put Kendrick Lamar in there,'” he laughed. “My wife’s got everything on there, she’s got Shania Twain — I don’t know why she put that in there — and I can’t remember some of the other stuff. I hear Lloyd sometimes. But mostly I find out about stuff from my wife.”

And though he’s never gotten the chance to sit down and talk with Bieber, Tyson definitely had some career advice for the young crooner … especially in light of the recent controversy that arose over those “weed” photos.

“Justin’s not having any problems. He should just enjoy his life; nothing’s wrong, he’s not doing anything bad or anything,” Tyson said. “Weed is not necessarily a problem. He hasn’t gotten arrested or anything, or in a car wreck. He’s a really awesome kid, and he earned everything he has … He should just live life on life’s terms.”

If there’s anyone I wouldn’t take life advice from, it’s Mike Tyson. Just stick to your pigeons, man. Justin can stick to showing his butt in public or whatever he’s doing with his life since he hit puberty.

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  • I cannot listen to anyone giving advise who spits all over me while he’s doing it. Fly away birdie.

    • One and the same…. Also spent, time in prison for sexual assault, was married to Robin Givens and that was violent too.

  • I have known mike personally since we were teenager and he is a screwed up person and has done crazy shit in his life but believe it or not he loves those birds and takes very good care of them !!! He has had pigeons since he was a very young boy !!!! I’m talking since he was 5 or 6 years old !!!! He knows everything about them and that is his calm time and would never hurt any of them !!!!

  • I am coming away from this article with the impression that Mike Tyson’s wife is like his “Mommy”. She sets up his iPad for him. She finds things that she thinks he should read or know about.

    Is he still vegan? :D Roflol. I bet not.

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