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Lady GaGa Thinks She’s Queen of the Universe, Isn’t Feeling Your Blue Collar Woes

Lady GaGa is one crazy bitch. We all know it, even the lady herself, who seems to derive not a small amount of catharsis from being balls-to-the-wall insane at every available opportunity. Sure, she’s got her good sides – she’s a great ally for LGBT equality, supports mental health counseling and the Fame Monster EP was absolutely killer – but let’s be frank: homegirl ain’t right.

Stefani Germanotta (that’s right, I went there) was on some next level f*ckery in court earlier this week in New York City, where she was forced to appear to answer a lawsuit filed by her former personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill. According to O’Neill, GaGa owes her $393,000 plus damages for several thousand hours of overtime she worked around the clock during her tenure with Mama Monster between 2009 and 2011. GaGa’s not having it, though, as she doesn’t pay overtime and doesn’t think being a PA is really much of a job – at least not compared to being a superstar!

From The New York Post:

“She’s just — she thinks she’s just like the queen of the universe,” Gaga ranted, court records obtained by The Post show. “And, you know what, she didn’t want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I’m the queen of the universe every day.”

“I’m quite wonderful to everybody that works for me, and I am completely aghast to what a disgusting human being that you have become to sue me like this.”

She went on to claim that the PA position, which paid $75,000 a year, “was essentially a favor, and Jennifer was majorly unqualified for it” because – and yes, she’s serious about this – “I expect there to be a certain level of, like, you know, knowledge and academia about, like, your job.”

Stefani also has strong ideas on what exactly an assistant is, and that’s “somebody that can anticipate what you need before you need it, so they buy it for you, or they – they set it up for you”. Or, you know, you can buy it your f-cking self.

But Gaga said O’Neill failed at even the most basic of tasks, noting that “one of the biggest problems I had with Jen is that I felt like she didn’t enough lay out all my stuff for me” while traveling, because “there is 20 bags and there is only one me, and I can’t sift through everything.

“She would only open a couple of bags, and it was very stressful for me because then again on my off days I couldn’t really have a day off because, you know, I weigh 115 pounds, and I was trying to move these huge, big luggages all by myself in the room, and I did it all the time — by the way, she was asleep until 12:00 most of the time, so I was very often waking up and moving my own luggage and doing shitt by myself, and it was — it was a problem that I had,” she said.

Poor thing. She also claimed that being a personal assistant isn’t all that tiring because it’s not like you have to dig ditches or anything, and then made a final snipe at O’Neill, saying:

“I’m going to give all the money that she wants to my employees that work hard for me now that deserve it. I’m not going to give it to her so she can go to Intermix and buy herself a new tube top.”

Ouch. The whole thing warrants a read, but only if you care to hate Lady GaGa more than you probably already do.

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  • I’ve said it before, I will say it again. We need to take up a collection & hire a midget to punch her in the junk!

  • Oh, Lady Butter Face, no wonder Lindsay Lohan is one of your friends, you’re both living in delusional la la land.

    • Nice! Seriously, for someone who is so “anti bully” in the press, she sure does seem like a dominating, manipulative bitch. Blech, I can’t wait for her to become irrelevant.

      • Her position in the media has already degraded a lot. She stopped being “original” and hasn’t done anything noteworthy in a while.

        Her fame is sinking fast

  • Stefani isn’t a bitch at all. That O’Neill or whatever, she didn’t do her job. And she was hired for that job so it was her responsibility to do it right. I mean, why should gaga do something if she hired a person to do it for her? If you’re so jealous that gaga has a better job (superstar singer whatever) it is your problem, not hers. Some of us are big stars, some of us are assistants, others are presidents and some are janitors.