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Because Of Course This is Considered Appropriate Airline Attire

photo of Lady Gaga pictures
I mean, I’d know—I just spent six hours on a plane yesterday afternoon, and there were tons of people dressed like this on my flight. Gads. Honestly, I wore a pair of jeans, a black sweater, and moccasins, and I felt way underdressed.

Really, though, Lady Gaga wore this on a plane, and I don’t know where she was coming from, but the plane landed in Moscow, Russia, so I’m assuming that she was on the flight for at least more than an hour or two, because Russia’s f-cking huge, last I checked. Amazing, honestly.

Also, I don’t know if you heard or not, but Lady Gaga‘s going to be doing a super big concert with Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones for the purpose of celebrating the Rolling Stones’ final concert in their final tour (I can’t believe they’re retiring after all these years, too).

From E! Online:

Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen are set to join the Rolling Stones onstage in what’s gearing up to be a rock-pop summit of impressive proportions.

The two will be performing with the legendary rockers Saturday in Newark, N.J., to celebrate the Stones’ final concert in their 50th-anniversary tour, per published reports.

The Black Keys are also set to take the stage at the concert, which wraps up a mini-world tour that included stops in Paris and London.

Now. You tell me—what’s more interesting: Lady Gaga’s continual shock-attire, or the fact that four old-ass men have been shaking it on stage for fifty f-cking years. Don’t answer wrong, or so help me.

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