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No One Will Ever Touch Adrien Brody Again

You guys’ll have to forgive me—see, this clip is a bit on the old side (it came out earlier in the month), but when I saw it, I couldn’t pass it up for a few reasons. One? Adrien Brody‘s in it. As I’m leaving Evil Beet, I figured it’d be good to leave just one more Adrien Brody post in your presence because a) he is my one true love, and b) no one’s ever going to write about him on EB ever again, since I was the only one who ever wrote about him to begin with. Here’s another reason I couldn’t pass it up: Lindsay Lohan is in it, and it’s so, so bad. Everything about this video is so, so awful and I don’t even know where to begin aside from curling up in the corner and squeaking “heartbreak” into my hands, which would be covering my ears and eyes. Both. At the same time. … You know, somehow.

The trailer is for a movie called ‘InAPPropriate Comedy’, and IMDB has this to say about it:

In this comedy film, a computer tablet full of the world’s most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy.

So basically, it’s like ‘Borat’ with just more famous people in it. Ugh.

See what dating that straggly-haired trashbin gets you, Adrien? It gets you elbow-brushing with Lindsay Lohan. Aren’t you, like, so proud, Mr. Academy Award Winner?

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  • He describes his role in this trashy flick as a cameo. And i’m sure he’ll be one of the few good things in the movie. I think he sometimes takes roles because he likes HIS role and wants to push his versatility without thinking enough about the film as a whole. To his credit he just finished filming Paul Haggis’s The Third Person and is now filming Grand Budapest Hotel w Wes Anderson so not exactly slumming it these days.

    Btw there’s a new fan page on fb that has lots of recent pics and articles about the guy. Seems very good so far actually. None of the pics I’ve seen has anything to do with any date so not sure who you’re talking about there. In case you’re interested:

  • looks awful, but Adrien seems to be the least horrible character in there. His clips made me smile. i mean, the blowjob joke was hilarious!

  • I am still mourning your departure .
    My Laptop hdd has died so I am using my sisters PC to read EB but she returns home from a vacation in Australia tomorrow so I will be in internet purgatory until i can recover my data (if possible)
    Word to the wise , people back up your data , I have no idea what my email and site passwords are and I am an IT professional who lambasts ppl for not backing up data.
    I always thought that I did not need to backup because I could recover any data .
    I now know I am an Idiot !

    Best of luck to you both and thanks for making me smile :)x0x