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Adrien Brody and His Whatever Girlfriend One Last Time

[Image removed on request]

I say “one last time” not because they’re breaking up (I’m just not that lucky of a person, guys), but because unless something extraordinary happens to … well, happen (you know, like more public groping and/or pulling shit out of significant others’ asses), I’m just out of stories about my one celebrity love, Adrien Brody, and his silly, empty-faced girlfriend, Lara Leito.

Anyway. Whatever. This is Adrien and That Girl, spending oodles of time together while Adrien films his latest movie, Whatever It Is, because luckily for Adrien, That Girl has no real job or obligations and can just sit around and comb her long, stupid hair and eat bon bons or what-the-f-ck ever while Adrien films and is productive and lets her use his super-extra large-venti platinum credit card for purchases like sparkly feather boas, “Party Like a Rockstar” t-shirts, and cases of cheap glitter nail polish, because DUH quantity over QUALITY because you just never do know when this relationship is going to end and That Girl will have to go back to her mom’s roach-infested apartment in Encino or wherever and back to eating ramen noodles for dinner every damn night.

Whatever. I’m not bitter.

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  • You could actually be right about this being the last time as looking at the body language in the pics at CQ awards in Madrid this week I dont think she looks too happy wearing a dress that looks more Sears catalogue than designer .Maybe his cash has run out after all , with all those shopping trips round Europe and the US .My guess is she from a country where people are hungry for money and fame .Its like she has won the lottery with Adrien . Dont be surprised if a baby doesnt seal the deal for her but I dont think thats his plan .After all he was dumped by Elsa Pataky for being a commitment phobe so she wisely choose a Viking god instead ,

  • Your guess is wrong. That girl is from Monaco and i don’t think that poor people live there. And according to everyone I know from that country the boat that they were spending time on almost the whole summer belongs to her family. Monaco is a very small country so everyone knows each other there. I think you should stop being mean and hate on her. because she’s obviously loaded as hell and she’s not dating him for money, that’s for sure. Can’t you people think that sometimes people date each other just because they’re really in love..? I don’t know her personally but i have a friend who lives there and he told me that she’s a very nice and not spoilt girl whose family owns a huge property there and rides on f****g amazing cars like ferrari, bentley and rolls. And Adrien has nothing to do with that. So think twice before you say that she comes from some poor country coz its some bullshit just to make you feel better. And it seems to me that she doesn’t even brag about it, since you all think that she’s poor.