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Lisa D’Amato from America’s Next Top Model Really Messed Up Her Face

A photo of Lisa D'Amato

Oh my gosh, you guys. Lisa D’Amato. You remember her, right? She was on America’s Next Top Model, and she was wacky. She sort of had a drinking problem, but then she was on Celebrity Rehab, and it was like “oh, she really does have a drinking problem.” But she got sober, and she went on to win the all-star cycle of ANTM and do lots of other modeling, and it was a happy ending.

That is, until she smashed her face in.

Let me just tell you what happened first, all right, then I’ll show you the picture. Because the picture is pretty f-cking awful.

Lisa just did this indie movie called Cowboys and Indians. She was hanging out in a hotel room with some people, and she decided to do a handstand up against some crew member, because she’s wacky, remember? But somehow she lost her footing and fell. She landed directly on her nose. She just crushed it. Then the crew member fell on top of her, which I’m sure didn’t help things.

She was taken to the hospital, natch, and she had to get a nose job. This is what she looks like after it all:

A photo of Lisa D'Amato

GIRL, NO. That looks so, so awful. I can’t really look at it anymore, so let’s just move right along, all right?

I hate to do this, but do you think this is what actually happened? I think it is, but I’m a pretty naive lady, and Lisa’s one of my top ten favorite Top Models. But could all this happen from falling during a handstand? Like, she has that huge scrape down the middle of her whole entire face. If that can happen from falling and having someone else fall on top of you, then that kind of makes me not want to leave the house. What do you guys think?

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  • I don’t know dude… that must have been one hell of a fall. Not saying it didn’t happen but gosh did she fall from 10 feet up or something??

  • OMG that just made me laugh!! I don’t mean the injury (that’s awful, poor her), but the story: LOL. I did gymnastics for 18 years and that’s just impossible. You can’t mess up you face like that by doing a handstand… I have seen bad accidents during competitions, girls falling of the beam, the bars, hiting the vaulting platform full speed and none of those resulted in something that horrible. I call BS on this one too. Probably too ashamed of revealing the true story!

  • So someone fell on top of her a dragged her face across something? I don’t even understand what those wounds are on her forehead and chin…

  • If one or both were drunk, this is entirely possible. If she were being lifted Off the ground, that adds trauma.

    I don’t not believe this, but let’s see how this fortune cookie unfolds.

  • I’m with everyone else. You don’t bust your nose in such a way that you need those awful stitches just by doing handstands. Maybe she was drunk and fell over a glass coffee table, or run into a glass sliding door (that happened to a boy in my school -lol- although he didn’t mess up his nose like this girl has).

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