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Lisa D'Amato

Lisa D’Amato from America’s Next Top Model Really Messed Up Her Face

A photo of Lisa D'Amato

Oh my gosh, you guys. Lisa D’Amato. You remember her, right? She was on America’s Next Top Model, and she was wacky. She sort of had a drinking problem, but then she was on Celebrity Rehab, and it was like “oh, she really does have a drinking problem.” But she got sober, and she went on to win the all-star cycle of ANTM and do lots of other modeling, and it was a happy ending.

That is, until she smashed her face in.

Let me just tell you what happened first, all right, then I’ll show you the picture. Because the picture is pretty f-cking awful.

Lisa just did this indie movie called Cowboys and Indians. She was hanging out in a hotel room with some people, and she decided to do a handstand up against some crew member, because she’s wacky, remember? But somehow she lost her footing and fell. She landed directly on her nose. She just crushed it. Then the crew member fell on top of her, which I’m sure didn’t help things.

She was taken to the hospital, natch, and she had to get a nose job. This is what she looks like after it all:

A photo of Lisa D'Amato

GIRL, NO. That looks so, so awful. I can’t really look at it anymore, so let’s just move right along, all right?

I hate to do this, but do you think this is what actually happened? I think it is, but I’m a pretty naive lady, and Lisa’s one of my top ten favorite Top Models. But could all this happen from falling during a handstand? Like, she has that huge scrape down the middle of her whole entire face. If that can happen from falling and having someone else fall on top of you, then that kind of makes me not want to leave the house. What do you guys think?

Plugging Shit My Friends (AND Lisa D’Amato!!!) Do: “Running in Heels” and “Trainwreck”


Today has been QUITE a day for my friends.

First off, my gorgeous and amazing and always fashion-forward friend Talita Silva is starring in the new Style network show, Running in Heels, which follows her trials and travails as an intern at Marie Claire. Talita and I were way tight when we both lived in LA, and it was always her dream to move to NYC and work in the fashion business out there. She up and did it right after I moved to Seattle, and, DAMN, when Talita does something, she does it right! Less than a year and the bitch has a fucking TV show! What a total testament to her talent and her drive, both of which she has in abundance, in addition to being a true friend who I’ve always felt like I could talk to about anything. She’s definitely the next Rachel Zoe. Talita, you are soooo styling me for free! You can check out Talita’s MySpace fan page here or check out her Style network blog about the show here.

I logged on to MySpace for the first time, in, oh, a decade, so I could join Talita’s fan page, and of course I have a zillion messages (sorry if you emailed me on there!). One of them was sent back in February, from my friend Jessica, who’s a dancer for Lisa D’Amato. Jess is the hot blonde thing in the middle, and Lisa’s on the left.


Now, if you’ve read this site for awhile, you know how much I love Lisa D’Amato, the ANTM castoff-turned-rapper. She’s so genius. She can do no wrong in my book. The beautiful (and naturally that skinny! It never seemed fair!) Jessica stars in Lisa’s new video from her upcoming album. The song’s called “Trainwreck,” and Jess’s email asked if I could plug it on the site. OF COURSE I CAN! I’M ONLY SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT! So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, Lisa D’Amato, the fabulous Jessica Kauffman, and “Trainwreck”!!!

Oh, How I Love Me Some Lisa D’Amato

Lisa D’Amato at Kitson on Robertson, Bikini Video, Pictures Photos

Everybody’s favorite (well, okay, my favorite) ANTM castoff hit up Kitson on Thursday evening.

Remember when she did that music video for her song called “Ace of Spades”?

I found another one she did. It’s called “Bikini,” and the video is directed by Cisco Adler.

How fucking high do you think she was when this was filmed??? Soooo high.

Anyway. The song’s genius. The video’s genius. I love everything she touches.

Awful. Truly Awful.

America’s Next Top Model’s resident alcoholic, Lisa D’Amato, has released a video for a rap single, “Ace of Spades.”

It is horrible.

I mean, horrible.

It’s like one of those Top Model challenges where the girls have to, like, do a commercial for a Korean beverage in the native language and the end result is 100% cringe-worthy. This video has no redeemable qualities.

“If you don’t like this shit,” she says in the song, “you can fucking lick my twat.”

Well that should be no problem, Lisa, since, if this video is any evidence, you spend most of your time with your legs spread wide open.

Bring it on.

Yes Of Course Robbie Williams Is in Rehab

I mean, he dated Lisa D’Amato, still the reigning drunk of reality television in my mind. And I’m counting Chyna. So the British pop star checked into an undisclosed U.S. rehab center to deal with his addictions to prescription drugs. Says Lisa: “It was clear he was struggling with his mind. He doesn’t drink, but he needs antidepressants to get him through the day. A lot of the time he seemed on edge.”
This isn’t Robbie’s first time around in rehab. He did a stint there after leaving the band Take That (remember them?).
Robbie lives in LA, so it’s possible that he’s joining Lohan and Mike Tyson at the Wonderland center, which must be a totally unhealthy place to be rehabbing if you’re not famous right now.
Get well, Robbie!!

Robbie Williams and Lisa D’Amato???

Okay, okay, I was seriously going to go away for the night, but then I came across this article from — where else? — ChinaDaily:

Robbie Williams and Lisa D’Amato get it on. The twosome reportedly have been dating for a month.

It is said that the singer has been seeing Lisa since he met her at a party in Hollywood last month.

“Robbie and Lisa hit it off immediately and swapped numbers the first night they met,” said a source. “Lisa is young, gorgeous and fun to be around and they are getting on really well.”

“It’s only early days but Robbie seems really confident it is going somewhere. It takes a lot for Robbie to trust a girl, but he is completely relaxed around Lisa,” the source added. “She has been spending quite a lot of time at his place, which proves just how keen he is.”

Lisa D’Amato, for those of you who don’t remember her, was the drunkie favorite on cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model (although she got booted toward the end for some dumbass, unwarranted reason). Robbie Williams, of course, is the British pop singer/heartthrob. Random! Well, you go girl! I always liked her.

Lisa D’Amato Puts Sky-Rocketing Career on Hold to Help the Little People

It’s a snarky headline, but truly, I love this girl. I think she was the best thing that ever happened to Top Model, easily the most talented person to ever grace that show, and I think she should have won the whole damn thing. So when she showed up to support the Top Model writing staff striking for union membership, I didn’t even roll my eyes at her pathetic attempt at further publicity. Unless you watch Real World, which I have (thank God) finally officially outgrown (I tried to watch Key West and I just couldn’t get through an episode, and I am so proud of myself for that), it’s rare these days for reality cameras to focus their sights on someone who is just so fucking drunk all the time. Remember when she talked to a fern? For, like, hours? About how neither of them really fit in anywhere? And then finally Tyra had to come in and give the girls a thinly veiled chat about “vices” and she was like “Do any of you have a vice? Do any of you drink, say, wine? Maybe a lot?” And Lisa raised her hand and Tyra was like “Yeah? Are you a wino?” and Lisa was like “Yeah,” and Tyra muttered some inane thing about how vices are something we all have to overcome and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Lisa D’Amato’s alcoholism was nipped in the bud thanks to Tyra Banks and the deserving writing staff of America’s Next Top Model?

Yeah. That was so awesome.

Hey, Lisa, remember how you spent a good part of last year being billed as America’s Drunkest Girl Ever on national television? Remember how all the stupidest and most embarrassing things you said and did while getting totally wasted, alone, in front of a bunch of sober and clueless 18-year-olds was broadcast week after week, captured for time immemorial, for the consumption of the entire country and a smattering of overseas markets? You know who you have to thank for that? You know who made damn sure you looked your very worst every single episode?

Yeah. You go, girl.