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Ryan and Eva: Still Together, Now With Photos

photo of ryan gosling pictures photos
Where’s Eva, though? She in the back stuffing her face with convenience store pizza? F-ck no. No, I’ll grudgingly show you where she’s at:

photo of eva mendes pictures
Grr. There she is. She’s waiting outside with the dog, George, who is also inseparable from Eva, like his silly, deluded owner.

Last. Those motherf-cking pants. Third time in a damn month, and while it would be OK if the pants were actually nice, they’re not. They look like something my five-year-old wears, and while they’re totally cute and adorable on her, they’re not cute or adorable on Eva. Granted, yes, I’m bitter as all get-out when it comes to pretty much anything Eva Mendes does (except for that face … she does have one gorgeous face), but those pants would be poor fashion in motion on anyone short of Betty White.

But yep. Here they are. Together. Drinking Cokes. The third Coke is for Ryan’s personal assistant (not pictured), and not George. Thought you should probably know that.

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  • Eva is in her pajama bottoms. That’s what you wear when you’re comfortable with your boyfriend. Too comfortable, maybe. In most cases there are hairy legs under such pants.

    George quit drinking caffeinated carbonated beverages when he was adopted. It’s the good dog life now, snuggling in bed with his butt in Ryan Gosling’s face, and munching on leftovers under the table at Tropicalia Brazilian Grill.

  • Yeah, you’d like to think they’re pajama bottoms, but she wears them A. LOT. and not always running out for a coke at night. They remind me of *my* pajama pants, which I wear to carry out the garbage (in the dark), wash the dog (in the house), or when I have the flu.

  • the pants are very nice cute. the other one did look good with good top. this one look pjama cute. it might be with too much pink flower why.

    pants look close to same but is more skinny and smaller flower and no pink on other she wears

  • I understand that Ryan Gosling is super good looking and that he’s a lot of peoples top celebrity crush, but I really don’t understand all of the Eva hate. She’s damn gorgeous, as is he and they seem to be happy… The cattiness gets tiresome.