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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Probably Broke Up

photo of eva mendes pictures no ryan gosling breakup pic
See this picture of Eva Mendes? It’s the second sad-looking picture that’s come out since New Year’s Eve, and what’s more is the fact that Ryan and Eva didn’t even spend the New Year together. Nope, Eva celebrated the arrival of 2013 all by her lonesome (and even her lonesome is looking pretty damn sad these days, too).

Word on the street is that there’s trouble in paradise, and by “paradise,” I mean “Ryan Gosling’s pants,” because even more reliable sources haven’t seen the couple together in actual weeks, save for some apparent custodial visits of Ryan’s dog, George. Here’s George—and don’t mind Eva’s pants; it would appear that she really likes these pants a lot, because the following photo was actually taken over a month ago:

photo of eva mendes pictures dog pic
I feel sad for Eva. … No, really, I do. Can you imagine what it’d feel like to be Ryan Gosling’s steady for a moment in time only to lose him for [insert frivolous reason here]? I’ll bet it kind of feels like some scenes in ‘Titantic’. Namely, the part where Jack Dawson’s hanging off the front of the massive vessel, screaming, “I’m the king of the world!” I’ll bet it probably felt partially like that while they were dating. That all probably felt pretty good. I also bet that it maybe felt like when Rose DeWitt Bukater was watching Jack’s lifeless body float away in the end of the movie, quietly sobbing, “I’ll never let go, Jack. … Never let go.” Probably that, too, because I know if Ryan Gosling left me in a pile of dumped rubble, I’d be writhing and begging and possibly wanting to drown myself, too.

Last, here’s an interview from last year with Ryan and George on the Jimmy Kimmel show that’s actually really, really funny. I laughed out loud—it’s too cute:

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  • Custodial visits of the dog? That is weird, in the sense that he has had the dog for much longer than he’s been with her. I’d understand it if they had adopted the animal together or they had been together for a very long time and thus the dog was equally loyal to both, but they were together for what, a year? Isn’t that odd?

  • he is very relaxed speaking.
    she is very pretty.
    george is cute
    why everyone thinks ryan is so cute but?
    are they her favorite pant and she only wear a month later? i wear my favorite every day

  • I wonder if they actually did break up this time. There’s been break up rumours about them before. If it’s not true, Eva’s PR people will be on it very very quickly. Watch and see.

  • I was right. Eva’s made her presence known with his mom borrowing her clothes for the red carpet last night.