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Don’t Worry, Brandi Glanville Has Stuff to Say About LeAnn Rimes, Too

photo of LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville pictures
From Radar Online:

Brandi Glanville, appearing on Monday night’s edition of Watch What Happens Live, called LeAnn Rimes “insane” in reference to the singer’s latest tell-all interview.

Brandi implied LeAnn’s been crying wolf with her cavalcade of emotional, no-holds-barred interviews – the latest with Entertainment Tonight, in which she discussed her fears of losing husband Eddie Cibrian, and her stint in rehab for stress and anxiety.

“Everyday there’s a tell-all,” Brandi said. “It’s kind of cray-cray!”

Host Andy Cohen asked Brandi about rumors that Eddie, a modestly successful TV actor, had hooked on to LeAnn as a Sugar-Mama.

“It’s true, yeah,” Brandi said, confirming that Eddie had always wanted to live in a big house in an affluent community – two wishes the How Do I Live singer has been able to grant with her wealth.

Fellow guest star Hoda Kotb chimed in with the adage that the “way you got him is the way you’ll lose him,” a reference to how Eddie was married to Brandi at the time he hooked up with LeAnn.

Asked point blank if she though LeAnn was insane, Brandi said, “Insane? Yes I do!”

Brandi said she knows LeAnn religiously watches her antics on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, recalling how her son Jake saw Andy on TV and said, “That’s [LeAnn’s] favorite show!”

“I hope LeAnn will come on!” Andy said.

The jury remains to be seen on that: During the broadcast, LeAnn took to Twitter to (presumably) respond to Brandi, writing, “Wow the texts from my friend. KISSES and KMA,” as in, “Kiss My A**.”

First, let me say: anytime I hear someone use the non-word “cray-cray,” I want to punch a puppy in the face. Wait, no; that’s not right. Anytime I hear someone use the non-word “cray-cray,” I want to punch them in the face. That’s much, much better, and much more accurate, too.

Second? I’m very much Team Brandi (just by default, though; it’s not like I like the silly bitch or anything), but if she wants to keep her sanity-cred, then maybe—just maybe—she should also shut her mouth about LeAnn, too. It’s like, let LeAnn do LeAnn, because everyone knows that LeAnn is completely batshit crazy. Everyone knows that LeAnn’s got a bunch of screws loose up there, rattling around and damaging other parts from the constant rumble. Nuts, nuts, nuts. Talking about how nuts someone is won’t make them less nuts, you know?

And last? Can you even imagine what it’s going to be like if and when Eddie cheats on LeAnn? Oh my God, the fur is going to absolutely f-cking fly. I can’t even picture what LeAnn’s face would look like upon hearing the news, or worse, what LeAnn’s face would look like after hearing that the public heard the news. It’s just too much to bear.

I can’t wait.

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  • Enough of this shit! Brandi Glanville is pathetic! She should face the reality that she was traded in for a younger,successful model and move on.Instead she makes herself look desperate and bitter. LeAnne should realise that she -unlike Brandi- has youth,talent And Eddie! Reacting to this crap just makes her look needy and insecure.She needs to realise her guy picked her and be happy,not worry about his bitter old ex.

  • Everyone knows that Leann has a bunch of screws loose, but major media outlets are not willing to call Leann on it because they are either being paid off or bullied by Leann and her lawyer into silence. As a result, Leann’s behavior towards Brandi gets worse and worse. Everytime the media tells Brandi to be quiet or shut up, Leann takes this as a sign that she has won and her taunting of Brandi gets relentless and out of control. Can you imagine all the passive aggressive digs Leann has planned for her interview with Jimmy Kimmel tonight? It never ever stops becauseLeann sits on twitter making passive aggressive digs at Brandi and media outlets like ET, E, and ABC reward Leann for it. I even find it funny how some people are saying that Leann has ben quiet on twitter. Leann probably has a fake twitter account and is using that to say to Brandi what she can’t post to her verified twitter account.

    If and when Eddie cheats on Leann? Eddie IS cheating on Leann, hence the interview where Leann talks about how they have “steamy sex” and how she gives sex to Eddie whenever he wants it. Leann isn’t scared of Eddie cheating on her, hence why Lizzy goes everywhere with them. Leann is afraid that people will find out about Eddie’s affairs, therefore proving that her marriage to Eddie wasn’t better than his marriage to Brandi.

  • Just as predicted, Leann’s taunting of Brandi gets relentless and out of control. One of Leann’s fans is going from site to site saying that Brandi doesn’t have her driver’s license(which is odd because haven’t we seen Brandi driving?). Where would that person get information like that? From Leann. Leann promised the person a free copy of her album when it comes out.

    • Not gonna kick the arse outta this topic as it’s swings and roundabouts but… @ least Leann has something more to offer than that desperate housewife (even if it is a free copy of her album;) Night x

      • How come you and hunzz have the same icon? Do you and hunzz share the same email address? Because Leann has NOTHING. She has to bribe her fans just like she has to bribe Eddie!

      • @MEH

        You aren’t very bright are you? And you try so hard…I don’t know if I should laugh at you or have pity on you.

        Now let’s think about this. Why would we have same icon? Because It’s the DEFAULT icon, which shows up when a poster DOESN’T enter an email address into the email slot! You get an E for effort, though! Since “hunzzz” and “lindy” to have the same icon, he would have had to entered in the same email address.

        So true or false when you made comment @January 22, 2013 at 3:15 pm you didn’t enter an email address in at all, did you?

      • @MEH

        Poor Leann. Things must not be going as planned, her fans are having a major meltdown. On one site, one of her fans hijacked people’s twitter names and several names from ROL and is using them to make very mean and nasty posts about Brandi! Jimmy Kimmel must be getting a lot of negative feedback about Leann being on her show because the show hasn’t even started and already her fans are going berserk!

    • I wonder if Brandi’s kids were in the car when she got her DUI? Maybe that is why she didn’t get primary custody. Anyway, she is the one who comes off as desperate, as she has made a career on being eddie Cibrian’s bitter ex-wife. How sad that this is how she defines herself. I imagine he was filled with regret very shortly after marrying Brandi, but just didn’t have the courage to leave the marriage. She is a psychotic, plastic-faced bitch.

      • Were Eddie’s kids in the car with him and Leann when Eddie got behind the wheel after drinking? Maybe that is why Eddie didn’t get primary custody. Think about how many times we have seen Eddie and Leann walking around with alcohol in their hands, even while the kids are in their custody.

        The only one coming off as desperate is Leann Rimes. She hasn’t even appeared on Jimmy K yet and already it’s getting slammed.

        If Eddie was filled with regret after marrying Brandi, why then did he stay with her for over 13 years and have two kids? So is that what’s wrong with Eddie, he doesn’t have the courage to leave his marriage to Leann because Leann is a psychotic, plastic-faced *****?

        So this is Leann’s damage control? Send her fans to these sites to trash Brandi? And then come Wed wonder why the backlash against her has goten even worse than before?

      • Judges? Leann must be really flipping out! When Radaronline called Leann out for writing a nasty comment about Brandi, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you popped up here!

    • It would be even funnier if Leann cheated on Eddie with “CHAZ!”

      Like I said, if you want to know just how bad things are for Leann just watch for CHAZ’s appearance!

      • Haaaaaa!!!!! Chaz 4 President!!!!!!!! When you’re elected leader of the free Internet will you address the disparaging icon issue plaguing users? Who knew icon identity theft was such a big issue??? Oh wait! Guest knew.

      • I was going to suggest that “guest” get her beef curtains cut, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion guest suffers from “vagina dentata.” I will, however, take the icon issue under advisement.

      • @CHAZ

        Isn’t there a Leann fan who is always obsessing over the female anatomy like you? First it was CHAZ wanting to see dirty tampons and now beef curtains! Poor CHAZ! Why are you flipping out like this? That’s a bad sign. The show hasn’t even started and things are already bad for Leann!

    • @Liz/L

      I see that you are still stuggling with this concept, so let’s break it down in simple terms that you can understand.

      Lindy and Hunzz have the SAME icon, the only way that can happen is if they used the SAME email address. So what are the chances that 2 “different” people have the same email address? The only way for that to happen is if LINDY=Hunzz. So it’s not ICON identity theft. When a person uses a certain email address it’s generate a specific icon specific to that email address. Test it for yourself or are you going to keep making excuses to deflect from the real issue?

      Lindy=hunzz just proved what I have been saying all along!

      • @Liz/L

        No the real issue is your bruised EGO! It’s amazing how when things are going wrong with Leann, it’s manifested in the form of CHAZ and his personalities! So Liz/L is CHAZ!

      • OMG!! You’re quite the detective aren’t you?! Let me clear this up to save you having a meltdown! Lindy is my real name!(Not LeAnn-incase you were wondering) Hunzz is just a nickname. So… now, take a breath and calm the FKuK down you loon!

      • @Lindy/HUNZZ

        So now that you got caught, your damage control is to argue that HUNZZ is a nickname? So why didn’t you just say that when you posted as LINDY? So… now, take a breath and calm the FKuK down you loon! We know that Leann and her fans are upset because “Borrowed” was rejected by Jimmy K!

        It’s you having the meltdown! From what I heard, LINDY was a name used on another site and that person definately wasn’t a fan of Leann’s or anti-Brandi. OMG, if you were quite the detective you wouldn’t have slipped up and used the same email address that you used when you posted as HUNZZ, thus producing the same icon for those two names. You are just upset because you were exposed. You attempted to create the illusion that it was two different people!

    • Is Guest always this funny on posts? I think He/She/It has accused me of everything other than shagging Eddie in under 24hrs. Hysterical! Can really see why everyone is taking the piss, you’re So easy to wind up!!

      • @Lindy/Hunzz

        Is “LINDY/HUNZZ” always this funny on posts? I am accusing you of everything other than shagging Eddie 24 hrs? Where? Hysterical. Why are you rewriting history and acting like you are the victim? This is what I said: HUNZZ=Lindy because the icons are the same(which means the emails are the same), there was a person posting as Lindy on another site and she is not a Leann supporter or anti-Brandi, and you are being deceptive because if HUNZZ really was your nickname why didn’t you mention anything about until now? These Leann fans are funny. They play dumb, play the victim, or rewrite history. I can really see why everyone is taking digs at them, they are so easy to wind up!! Just look at how LINDY/HUNZZ is losing it simply because I questioned why he didn’t mention that HUNZZ was his nickname when he came back and made that post as LINDY 12:03 pm after trying to claim that I was Brandi!

        BTW, when did LINDY/HUNZZ post as GUEST? This is what I love about these Leann fans, they always out themselves. So this LINDY/HUNZZ person by his own admission has been posting as GUEST! And then it whines because it can’t understand why it gets accused of things!

  • Eddie said to Leann, “I was going to suggest that “CHAZ” get his beef curtains cut, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion CHAZ suffers from “vagina dentata. I will, however, take the icon issue under advisement, CHAZ can’t keep getting busted like this!”

  • You can always tell when Leann is having a full blown meltdown because CHAZ and all his other personalities show up here having one too!

      • And are you another manifestation of CHAZ? I find it funny that when CHAZ pops up, his presence is soon followed by 4-5 “different” people! Poor Leann. Things must be really bad because her fans have been very agitated today, stealing people’s names!

  • This is too funny. So Leann was supposed to sing Borrowed on Jimmy Kimmel, but couldn’t because she has “allergies”. So basically, Jimmy K had to cancel Leann’s performance of Borrowed and just do another “Brandi is the bad guy” interview with Leann because of the huge amount of negative feedback they were receiving about Leann performing this song. I knew that something was up, Leann fans were just going nuts.

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