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Beyonce Didn’t Really Sing The National Anthem Yesterday

Yesterday at the Inauguration ceremony, Beyonce had the honor of singing the national anthem with the Marine Corp Band. According to some of my friends, and me too, I guess, her performance was kind of “meh.” It was good, of course, because it was Beyonce, but some people thought that it could have been better. Everybody loved the part where she ripped out her ear piece, of course.

But none of it matters, because she was lip syncing the whole damn thing.

A spokesperson for the Marine Corp Band said that it wasn’t unusual for a singer to record a backup track in big situations like this, but for some reason – the rep didn’t know why – Beyonce just decided to stick with the recording. You know, I guess because the effort was too much to make for the President of the United States*.

But hey, you know who did sing live? Kelly Clarkson:

See? That’s why we love Kelly Clarkson and kind of tolerate Beyonce sometimes. That right there.

*Kidding! She might have been sick. Whatevs.

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  • I used to have a friend back home who was a musician – a jazz pianist, to be exact. She was not only exceptionally talented (well, technically, she still is), but also very well trained both classically and in modern music. At that time I was listening to Beyonce’s Sugar Mama, and my friend was always frowning at it. At last I asked her what her problem was, and she said, quote: “Beyonce has a great voice, but she makes me dislike her so intensely because she’s just…trying too hard. All this belting out is so off-putting. I much rather prefer Alicia Keys’s way of singing over this.”

    It stuck with me and every time I hear Beyonce sing, I think of this.

    Also, gosh! I always knew this, but Beyonce photographs much better than she looks live. She has thick knees (not pictured) and deep lines around her mouth, and I hate her small teeth.

    In fact, I could write a whole story on why Beyonce is a phony bitch who can’t make up her damn mind if she wants to look like a classy, pseudo-artsy Caucasian or like a proud African American woman who’s in touch with her roots. It’s annoying that she just puts on the appropriate mask whenever convenient. Some call this versatile. I call it bullshit.

  • She makes me sick ! Who does she think she is to show up on the day she suppose to sing and say she didn’t have time to practice ! That Marine corp. band practice for months to have their moment taken away by some rich diva who thinks she’s better then everyone and say this is how we’re gonna do this ! She should be ashamed of her self ! She is a disgrace and has no respect for our military because she really gave them the royal screwing by not letting them play !!!! Then we have Kelly who never disappoint and always nails it LIVE !!!! Go Kelly !!!!