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Beyonce is an Annoying Behind the Scenes, Too (But She’s Still Probably Really, Really Powerful)

I’m sorry, guys, but I just don’t get all the Beyonce-love. I never did, to be honest. Destiny’s Child was never my cup of tea, and whenever I’d hear ‘Say My Name’, I’d immediately roll my eyes and make some kind of crass comment about anti-feminism and haughtily smoke my cigarette and glare off into the distance. I know. I used to be a pretentious little twat at the age of seventeen, but I still held on to a lot of my convictions after all those years, and though that’s not really changed all that much, one thing has: I take myself way, way less seriously as I did ten years ago, but Beyonce? She doesn’t. She totally doesn’t, and I think that’s part of the reason that I’m not so much of a fan. It’s like, why should I take you seriously—you do it enough for everyone “times two. Why can’t you just tell the truth?”

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  • Say My Name is, in my opinion, one of the worst songs of all time. However, both DC and Beyonce have some good songs, and you have to admit that Beyonce is talented, at least (if a *bit* overrated).

  • Beyonce.. ugh. She takes herself FAR too seriously. Then again.. most like her do so too. The first time I heard ‘Bills’ I thought to myself “wow.. the intro to this song is LONG…” then the song ended without an actual song really happening. Felt the same way about ‘Bootylicious.’ Umm… I know I’m not the target audience for her music, but what the hell happened to a song having STRUCTURE? I blame DC, Beyonce and those following in her footsteps for making new music unlistenable.

  • I used to love that song sooo much! We would put it on repeat. So of course I still love it for the memories. I am over Beowulf though! Her nose looks so different in this video.

  • I think she’s a beautiful woman and I like that her and JayZ keep their lives private. They don’t seem to be the types to constantly crave the spotlight. Having said that, I agree with Beyonce taking herself too seriously and she annoys me at times.

    • r u serious? Well, Jay-Z may not crave the spotlight that much, but ol’ B sure does! That’s all she’s doing these days. Photo shoots that look like a stupid woman in her 30’s trying to look like a teenager again, faking it everywhere she goes (looking like a right clown singing the national anthem), the list goes on and on and on and the reasons to find her annoying these days seem endless. She’s really getting it wrong in the popularity department at the moment, but there will always be those die hard fans that have critical ear for talent that will blindly buy, buy, buy her stuff.

    • “They don’t crave the spotlight” ??? Whaaaaat did you just say? Partition, Drunk In Love, broadcasting all of their business in the bedroom, the opening of the Grammys? Beyoncé stealing the spotlight from Ledisi? Girl, what are you talking about? Beyoncé and JZ loooovves the spotlight. They think they’re the ish!