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Prepare Yourselves for The Most Awesome Tour That’s Ever Been

New Kids on the Block. 98 Degrees. Boyz II Men. BOOM (BOOM is not a band, boom is the sound your brain made when it just exploded).

The tour begins on May 31st. All three bands will be at all shows, so there’s no chance of having to trade a performance of “I’ll Make Love to You” for “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” And here’s a bonus surprise: on April 2nd, we’re getting a brand new NKOTB album. So just simmer on that.

While you’re simmering, can I tell you about some more good news? Ok, you know how they’re doing a reboot of Boy Meets World? I know you’ve heard about this, but it’s called Girl Meets World, and it’s about Cory and Topanga’s daughter. It’s going to be fabulous, seeing some of the most beloved characters ever – or, ok, from the 90’s – come back in 2013.

Speaking of beloved characters from the 90’s, you know what other show might be doing a similar reboot? Saved by the Bell. I KNOW. TMZ caught Mark-Paul Gosselaar out and about and asked him about the show, and he said that if that whole thing goes well, then “maybe we’ll do a reunion as well.” As in maybe there will be a brand new Saved by the Bell out around the same time as the brand new Boy Meets World. As in FREAK OUT.

Who’s psyched? Everybody, right?

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    I saw nkotb about 3 years ago and it was, honestly, one of the best nights of my life!

    They were my first concert when I was wee and Boyz II Men was my second concert so…. WHOA.