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9Love It or Leave It: Kim Kardashian Is Just Wearing A Cape Now

A photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian‘s fashion, it’s just … ugh. It’s gotten so, so bad. And I know it’s Kanye, but it’s just disappointing. Like, it kind of hurts.

Like this little ensemble she’s wearing in this photo. She’s wearing a f-cking cape. It just looks like a regular old hoodie with a bonus cape and baggy leggings. And peep toe booties. Because what the world needs now is more peep toe booties.

Here’s another shot:

A photo of Kim Kardashian

You guys, she’s wearing a cape. Do we really need to discuss this any further?

January 11, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Emily
Filed Under: Kim Kardashian

9 Responses to “Love It or Leave It: Kim Kardashian Is Just Wearing A Cape Now”

  1. nakedpainter says:

    The cape could be fabulous if it wasn’t for that dreadful hoodie effect and perhaps if it was in another color… say, purple maybe. And yes, ugh, open-toed booties. Can they stop now, please?

  2. Maggie says:

    Ugh, what’s with all those baggy clothes? She’s not even showing yet, is this supposed to be maternity wear?
    God, I hate her being pregnant, she’s even more annoying. These clothes scream “look at me, I’m pregnant, look, LOOK!!!”
    What is she going to wear when she’ll actually have a belly? A circus tent?

  3. puddin says:

    …and the scarf perfectly completes her post-night-with-a-vampire outfit.

  4. Junebug says:

    Geez..I like the cape/hoodie thingie. She looks comfy. Maybe she doesn’t feel well, and it’s cold in Paris . I’m not fond of Kim , but I’m going to give her a break. Happy new year !

  5. rubberduckylove says:

    At least she covered her ass this time. Much better than that skintight, sheer skirt that made her ass look like the head of a giant penis.

  6. kimcheee says:

    Super Bootay! The World’s savior.

  7. mireee says:

    I like capes — I think they are a great alternative for when it’s so cold. I fucking hate peep toe booties.

  8. meh says:

    At least the clothes actually fit her.

  9. Chuck says:

    She’s just trying to hide how fat her ass is getting. She constantly has to hide that giant side of flab, and this will be her new way to stop the paparazzi from shooting her from behind.

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