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Love It or Leave It: Kim Kardashian Is Already Screwing Up Maternity Fashion

A photo of Kim Kardashian

To be fair, I don’t think it really counts as maternity fashion if the lady wearing the outfit isn’t showing yet. So really, a more accurate title would probably be “Kim Kardashian Screws Up Fashion.”

Honestly, there’s just no excuse for this. This woman is 32 years old. Her body type isn’t new to her. She’s short and curvy, and if you don’t want that to translate to stumpy, there are some things you have to do. You could start with not wearing high waisted skirts with cropped blazers. Duh.

Since I went ahead and talked about the stupid cut of the outfit, do you think you guys could take over the rest? Like the sheer blouse and the dumb shoes. You could start with that.

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    • I hope she wears those shoes when her feet and ankles are swollen…her cankles will look like a patterned quilt!

  • Ever since girlfriend here started dating kanye her style’s been flushed down the toilet. She used to dress nicely, and now it’s all wtf. Shame, she’s so gorgeous!

  • I actually like the skirt and jacket (let us not discuss the see through-yet-also-hideously-ruffled-shirt). But those SHOES. UGH. They are heinous.

  • Why Are we still talking about this worthless slut I’m sure I’m not the only one that wishes she and kanye would just go away far, far away !!!!! It pisses me off that she just gets more and more publicity and there’s no end in sight especially now because of this poor,poor kid !!!!! Why doesn’t anyone write everyday how she is still married and pregnant by someone else I mean she could have waited till her divorce was finalized !!!! Of course not because she is selfish !!!! I love how she tries to bash kris her husband when he is more of a human being then she will ever be !!! Kanye and her are just the trashiest people on the plant !!! Her kid will have to live with being conceived while its mother was still married !!! You wonder why these Hollywood kids have so many problems because their parents are so screwed up !!!! The kids pay the price for their parents mistakes !!!! I can’t wait for kanye to leave her and he comes and picks the kid up with some trashy video girls he picked up the night before in his car !!!!!