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WATCH THIS: Ryan Gosling Just Reaffirmed His Place in My Heart

Oh of all the darling things, Ryan Gosling played Santa Claus with a whole bunch of Girl Scout cookies. Have you ever? Because I have never.

In the clip, Ryan bashfully tells Jimmy Kimmel what it was like growing up as a kid who had to shill things in front of supermarkets for his father, and what it was like to always hope that, one day, some shopper would purchase the kid’s whole lot of wares. Needless to say, that’s precisely what Ryan did one day in Los Angeles—he bought every single box of Girl Scout cookies that were being sold in front of a Ralph’s, and gave them away to random people while driving in his car all day long.

Can we get him to just drop Eva Mendes already so that we can usher in a full-blown ‘Your Daily Gosling’ all over again? Please?

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