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BREAKING: Kim Kardashian Turns Down Money And Publicity

A photo of Kim Kardashian

I know, I’m freaking out too, but it’s true. Kim Kardashian, possessor of the golden fetus, is refusing to accept money in exchange for pictures of her baby after it’s born. Several magazines have offered Kim several million dollars to publish the very first photos of the baby, but Kim is saying no. Kim Kardashian is saying no to offers of money and fame. Maybe the Mayans fudged a little.

Ok, but here’s the thing: since Kim is in the early stages of cooking up that human, everybody knows that there’s still a while to go before a baby comes out. So as time goes on, and as Kim starts to show, the offers are going to keep coming, and she’s probably going to get offered even more money (one magazine offered $3 million already). BUT SHE DOESN’T WANT TO DO IT. Like, at all. She’s not holding out for more money, she just doesn’t want to sell the pictures, period.

Of course, all this could be coming from the Kardashian kamp (which is Kris Jenner in a tent in the backyard with a CB radio and a laptop). It could just be a way to make Kim look good while simultaneously encouraging higher offers in an attempt to convince her to change her mind. Anything is possible, you know.

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  • She’s full of shit!, who that gullible to believe her? That’s if she’s even pregnant and planning to fake a miscarriage.

  • She is desperate to try and look good because she looks like a total slut !!!! She is married for god sakes !!!!! 3million dollars is nothing to her ! She just won’t be able to go get another Bentley or house so she can try and look good by not selling pictures but you can bet if she gets that divorce before that kid is born all bets are off she will sell to the highest bidder in a flash !!!! They both make me sick and I wish they would just go far away and fast that’s what we could all wish for the new year !!!!

  • She’s just waiting until the idiotic media gets in a bidding frenzy to jack up the price. She’s as big of a money whore as Beyonce and Jay Z are.

  • I gotta agree I call bull shit too. If she wants to “look good …” get the best offer possible and actually give the money to a childrens charity. I’ll bet Kanye said if you do this shit with my kid I will throw your ass down some stairs and your whore mother too.

  • The day a Kardashian won’t pimp out a relative for money will truly mark the end of the world as we know it.