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Don’t Worry, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Are Still Together

A photo of Busy Philipps, Jason Segel, and Michelle Williams

Probably my favorite celebrity couple in the history of celebrities coupling is Michelle Williams and Jason Segel. I’ve always adored them so, so much separately, and I never even imagined that these two magical souls could become one. But they have, and they still are. And that’s what this story is about.

That photo up there is of Michelle and Jason, along with their BFF, Busy Philipps, having fun in Cancun. Michelle is the pale girl who isn’t pregnant, if you needed help figuring that out. Michelle’s daughter was there with him, and they all had a really good time because, you know, it’s Cancun.

You guys love them too, right? After all, what’s not to love?

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  • Uh, whoa…Is Jessica Blimpson aware that there is a serious challenger out there for “Most Jaw-Dropping Awful Pregnant Idiot”? One-piece…very nice compound word.

  • Busy, Jason and Michelle = AWSOME ! Just one little problem…hate to even bring it up, but didn’t Jason give it up to Blohan not too long ago ? Just vomited a little.

  • I feel defeated. I just realized I have the same body as Busy…only I’m not pregnant and her boobs are bigger. Life fail.

    • Haha, Jen. That’s funny.

      Only one thing – to Blasted1 too – bodies have a function, they pile up fat for a reason and change according to what’s happening and is needed to happen. Bodies are not just to be looked at. Most bodies are asymmetrical and odd and imperfect. That doesn’t mean a thing. They still serve us well, and give us pleasure, and make it possible for us to experience life. She’s fat? Well, she’s probably still happier than you, because (she’s rich and successful and accomplished as a person) she’s not fat in the head. Or fat-phobic. Most of all, Busy (and Jessica, and all other pregnant ladies out there) might not be super sexy or pretty, in YOUR eyes that is, but at least they have all their limbs and are healthy and able to procreate. They are putting their bodies at work and they don’t even suspect or care about your opinion. So suck it.

      Otherwise, this is a happy, happy story.

      • Yeah, I’m not trying to be rude to Busy or down on myself. I just saw the pic and it was the first thought that popped into my head ;)

  • Oh, oh, I totally see the irony in your comment. I’m actually right there with you, only I look even more…rippled must be the word I’m looking for. Not entirely a good feeling :) I’m not pregnant either, but I totally still look 6 months pregnant.

    Busy is awesome. I have such a crush on her ever since Freaks and Geeks. Also, I LOVE how she stole the show in this photo :)