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Stars Without Makeup: LeAnn Rimes Probably Got Her Lips Done

photo of leann rimes pictures no makeup photos
Hey, so this is LeAnn Rimes chilling at the airport in Los Angeles as she waits to board a flight to Nashville. I’d say she looks good—and I will, because she does—but even that isn’t really too redeeming, because it is, after all, LeAnn Rimes.

LeAnn and Eddie had custody of Eddie and Brandi’s children for the holidays, and Brandi, whom I’m starting to feel more and more sorry for (even though she’s totally as plastic as they come), Tweeted this:

Nothing worse the (sic) waking up Christmas morning without ur babys :(

I’ve asked before and I’m going to ask again, for the sake of redundancy: who’d you rather—LeAnn or Brandi?

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  • Wow, another “happy family/devoted bonus mom” staged photo-op at the airport! Well there you have it, Eddie can’t possibly be cheating on Leann, still pining for Brandi/SMJ, or wanting out of his marriage to Leann because according to the The Dailymail and GG, they are happy and in love and still going strong! Is pimping out Eddie’s kids at airports Leann and Eddie’s new career now? Those children are able to go through that same airport with their mother without once being photographed. But then again, Leann is a famewhore who uses anyone, including sick kids, to keep her name and face in the press. Don’t you love how The Dailymail even went a step further and called Brandi’s kids Leann’s boys? Leann is going heavy duty on the taunting.

    What stands out about this staged “happy family/devoted bonus mom” photo-op is that Eddie is in the back, staying as far away from the cameras as possible and walking with his head down hiding his face. He isn’t even making an effort to protect his kids from the paps, who are putting their arms in front of themselves to keep the paps from getting close to them. What a lowlife. Why does he keep pimping out his kids to Leann and allowing her to take advantage of his youngest son so much? Because Leann is taking Eddie and his friends(his mistress Lizzy included) on a 5 day vacation! So once again Eddie sold out his kids for a vacation.

    Leann looks very different. Of course Leann looks “good”, she is about to have 5 DAYS of “FUN FUN FUN”. Which means she is going to set up 2 more staged photo-ops at airports, bombard the internet with daily photos of her and a drunk Eddie “frolicking” and making out on the beach, go on a bikini parade, and take twitpic after twitpic of herself and Eddie. Good thing Eddie has Lizzy along on this trip to so that he can tolerate Leann! Why won’t Eddie go anywhere with Leann without Lizzy?

  • I don’t know what exactly LeAnn has done to her face, but whatever it is, it isn’t good. She looks more and more bizarre, If you compere what she looked like three years ago, to what she looks like now, the difference is staggering. Eddie Cibrian is the biggest hypocrite tool ever. His ex can’t even have the kids in the background of her show, but he and LeAnn can pimp them out at their leisure and use photos, videos etc on her, for profit fan site. They stage these photo ops every single time they go out in public with those two boys. It’s obvious that they set it up. I think that they are two of the most morally bereft people I’ve ever seen. In a weird way, they deserve each other. Too bad kids and an ex are involved in the whole mess.

  • And the famewhoring continues. Just as predicted the famewhores that are Eddie and Leann set up a staged photo-op at an airport in Cabo. Leann and Eddie’s marriage is an even bigger shame than Kim K and Kris H marriage. The only thing keeping Eddie and Leann’s sham of a marriage together are her mouthpieces(ie- DM, Extra, People mag, GG/GC, Eonline), she uses them to make for everything that her marriage lacks. So in just a matter of one day, Leann has released TWO staged photo-ops. And you know that there are more to come later on in the day. After what Leann did to Carly Rose, Leann parades herself before the paps like nothing ever happened. Did Leann even apologize to Carly? But then again media outlets like DM/GG/GC/People mag/Extra/Eonline encourage Leann’s bad behavior, so why would she do the right thing when those media outlets reward her by writing back to back fluffpieces. Leann does this famewhoring every year and then she is surprised by the amount of backlash she gets. Just like 2009, 2010, and 2011, 2012 turned out to be a bad year Leann and because she continues to famewhore and exploit Brandi’s kids, 2013 is going to be 10x worse than 2012 for her and Eddie.

    In the “Eddie and Leann are still going strong” staged photo-op at the airport in Cabo, Leann looks very bad. She looks so old, more manish, and worried. How does she age in a matter of just hours? But then again having to spend 24/7 pretending that her husband’s mistress is her friend and convincing people that her husband isn’t cheating on her by setting up staged photo-ops at airports with his kids is taking it’s toil.

    Get ready for Leann’s massive bikini beach parade to prove to use that Eddie can’t possibly be cheating on her because he is making out with her or grabbing her behind while drunk of course. It’s sad that he sold his kids out for a 5 day trip to Cabo for him, his mistress, and his friends.

  • This is what Leann tweeted: “We love our home! @EsperanzaResort Cheers to 2013”

    No wonder Leann looked so upset and worried in those photos at the airport(like she and Eddie got into an argument), she is forced to share a “her home” in Cabo with her husband’s mistress. Cheers to 2013 because Eddie won’t start a new year without his mistress Lizzy. Even at the airport Eddie refused to stand by Leann and was more concerned with standing by Lizzy.

    • Lizzy goes just about everywhere with Leann and Eddie(even their honeymoon), so if you check out any photo of Leann and Eddie on vacation(including those trips they were taking in 2009), red carpet events, Leann’s twitpics, or photos from the kid’s soccer games, she will be there. She is the red head. The most notorious photos are of her and Leann making out on a balcony as Eddie watches and takes photos while they were on a “family vacation” with Brandi’s kids in Mammoth. The same place where Eddie used to vacation with his ex-mistress SMJ. I find it funny how Leann’s mouthpieces are not even acknowledging that Lizzy is in Cabo with Leann and Eddie or was at the airport with Leann and Eddie. Well that’s a sign that Leann is definately controlling the media and telling them what to write.

      It’s the battle of the famewhores. What outrageous stunt will Leann pull today to take the media’s attention off Kim K pregnancy stories because they are stealing her thunder? Set up staged photo-ops of Eddie rubbing and kissing her belly? Do 5 staged photo-ops in one day?

  • This is mean but after all her tweets about her bonus kids asking her “Le, why are you so pretty?”- She is one unattractive woman with an unrealistic view of herself. Is it her evilness coming out? She looks monkey-faced and that is being KIND. I think she has to keep the red head friend around to appease Eddie. That wasn’t a dig either. I almost feel sorry for her.

  • Leann is doing some serious damage control.

    Now Leann is throwing Brandi’s kids under the bus just like she did Carly Rose. Because she was getting slammed for setting up the staged photo-ops with the kids at LAX, she wrote in her blog that the kids like being photograhed by the paps. So then why was the oldest child hiding in corners and behind his father in the first airport staged photo-op?

    Leann and Eddie look really pissed off in the Cabo airport photos, like they were arguing. Leann is saying that it’s because they were jet lagged. So why doesn’t Lizzy look jet lagged? In the photos of them at the airport the previous night Leann’s mouthpieces said Leann looked cheerful and happy, not jet lagged.

    To justify Lizzy’s presence in Cabo, Leann told her fans that she and Eddie took Lizzy and her husband to Cabo as a birthday present to Lizzy’s husband. How many birthdays does Lizzy’s husband have because didn’t he have a birthday in March, June, August, and December too? So she explains these trips with Lizzy by claiming it’s a birthday present for Eddie’s friends?

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