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Robert Pattinson Is Giving Himself Until Valentine’s Day to Get Over It

A photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

It seems like ever since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson got back together after that whole cheating incident, things haven’t been all that awesome. There were rumors that Kristen wouldn’t let Rob touch her, and rumors that Kristen was getting frustrated by the fact that Rob couldn’t get over it completely.

Now the story is that Rob knows he can’t get over it completely, and that’s why he’s giving himself a deadline. He has until February 14th, the international day of lovers and red roses and sitting in your pajamas with a pint of ice cream and a heart full of regret, to decide what he wants to do. He’s going to just take January off and decide if he wants to stick with Kristen for the long haul (AND MAYBE PROPOSE) or if he wants to just cut his losses and be done.

This is fair, I guess, but I’m sticking with my original advice of “just run, Rob, run to me and sleep on my couch while I feed you soup and put in sad movies and fix your heart.” I just don’t see how someone, especially a sensitive guy like Rob, can just carry on after that kind of thing. And I know we’ve talked about this plenty of times before, but I don’t get how you can ever get equal footing after that. It seems like after one person has an affair, things are, at best, weirdly and permanently skewed. I don’t get it.

So I’ll expect you over in mid-February, Rob. I’ll get a supply of Nicholas Sparks movies and wine ready. You just bring your sad self over whenever you need to.

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  • i’m going with the “rumor”, that they aren’t even really back together, and this was only for the promotion of their last twilight movie part.
    so, i’m guessing that this charade will end next year.

    besides, she got caught one time cheating on him, but that doesn’t mean that it was the only time she fucked around.
    in the end it’s quite simple, if you love someone, you don’t fuck around with someone else.

    just wondering if their relationship was even real for the whole time they were together…

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