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Ashton’s Mad at Mila for Looking Like This

photo of mila kunis looking rough pictures
So take it with a grain of salt, but hey. From Star Magazine:

When Ashton Kutcher started dating Mila Kunis earlier this year, he thought he’d hit the romantic jackpot – not only was she Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2012, he’s been crushing on her ever since their days as costars on That ‘70s Show. But as the couple’s relationship has grown, so has Mila – to the tune of nearly 50 lbs, much of it put on for her upcoming film Blood Ties – and insiders say Ashton’s feeling uneasy about his girlfriend’s transformation.

“When they started dating, he thought Mila was one of the hottest girls in the world,” a source tells Star. “But in the eight months or so they’ve been together, she’s totally let herself go.”

A big part of the issue – perhaps even more than her dress size – is Mila’s increasingly frumpy appearance. Mila has been photographed looking tired in baggy sweats and no makeup consistently.

“When Ashton broke up with wife Demi Moore, he was ready to have a relationship with a low maintenance girl, but now he’s saying Mila is TOO low maintenance,” says our source. “Demi may have been crazy, but she always made sure to look good for Ashton, whereas Mila acts like she couldn’t care less.”

When Ashton dropped a major hint recently in the form of a $250,000 Christmas makeover package, Mila took the gift as a huge insult. “She told Ashton is he wanted a fake, plastic girl, he should have stayed with Demi. That’s when he snapped and told her, ‘You’re worse than Demi!’”

Oh burn. “You’re worse than Demi“? Who the f-ck says that? Oh, right—Ashton Kutcher allegedly does. And though it’s Star, I can still kind of see this being a real thing. Ashton definitely seems to be the type to bail on a girl who isn’t looking her best at all times, and yeah, Star has posted a lot of incredible shit over the years, but this is still probably the most believable thing they’ve run with.

Whatever, though. No surprise. Ashton’s totally That Douche who wants nothing more than a hot, relevant trophy wife and a hot nobody to bang on the side. If Mila‘s OK with that then these two might have a shot. If not? Well. You saw how quickly Ashton moved on post-Demi—I don’t think Mila would really be any different in Ashton’s eyes anyway.

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  • Even if it was true, you can’t blame Ashton for wanting his girlfriend look a bit better sometimes. You can’t say he doesnt look in love by the pictures and statements by people who has seen them, but when you’re in a relationship EVERYBODY wants their partner to look pretty sometimes, not always like they don’t care a s**t. That doesn’t mean he’s asking for her to be perfect 24/7, just sometimes. If she looks great in public appearances why not looking great sometimes for your boyfriend too? If she doesn’t care, then ok! Attend a public event looking like a mess to, at the end, the look it’s not important at all.

    Who says in a relationship it doesn’t matter if you’re TOO low maintenance has definitely never been in a serious and long relationship. Yes! It matters! No need to be perfect 24/7 but a little surprise for your partner time to time is nice. Mila has NEVER being a girl of extreme make-up so I doubt Ashton is asking for that, a simple make-up (as always) is fine.

    But to be honest, seeing the source, this story is a lot of crap!

    • But we’re talking about a guy who always goes around with hair as dirty as sewage water and who dresses like a hobo. Don’t you think that is a bit of a double standard, Lisa? And what is wrong with a woman not wearing make up?? How fucked up is that? How is that bad, or “not taking care of oneself”?? And no your appearance doesn’t fucking matter in a relationship, and if your partner cares so much about your appearance they will get you a makeover when you personally have no problems with how you look, it’s time to dump the motherfucker because nobody is allowed to make you feel bad over yourself.