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Watch This (or Don’t): Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Video

So this is the song that’s supposed to be about John Mayer, and if you watch the video closely, you’ll see little indicators that it’s just got to be about him. The Montana-looking mountains that John Mayer ran away to in order to center himself and work out his maturity issues and write new music and think up ways to bed a new A-list chick? They’re there. The quasi-Johnny Depp-wannabe outfit that the video boyfriend is wearing? John Mayer totally went through that phase.

Also, is this Taylor‘s attempt at really trying to be a crossover artist from contemporary country to digitized, poppy club music? Because I think, if I absolutely had to choose, I’d go for corn grits and sunshine Taylor rather than dubstep in a sticky club Taylor. No thank you.

The best part of the video is probably watching “John Mayer” get his ass kicked by the pool table. The rest of it? Well. Unless you really like Taylor Swift, or this song, it’s kind of unwatchable.

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  • God help this mess if she ever has a real problem to deal with in her life. Yeah young love is hard, but after the first couple of times you grow up… Unless you are Swifty.

    • a real problem to deal with?
      You mean, like when people freely offer her drugs and she has to turn it down,
      or when guys date her and people are friends with her only to be seen with someone famous,
      or keeping her mouth shut to maintain a public image?
      God, you’re right, what an immature fucking mess this girl is.

  • I may not like her music, but I continue to be impressed that unlike most other singers out there, she continues to come up with somewhat original patterns of sound and write her own music. Can you imagine if Chris Brown had to write something of his own? And while she might be a clingy, desperate, and pathetically lonely girl, she has really succeeded in other parts of her life. I could say ‘grow up Taylor’, but when I was her age, I was dating a total loser and dropping out of college to work at some shit job that didn’t go anywhere.

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