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Get it Together, LeAnn Rimes

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This LeAnn Rimes thing—I know. Guys, I do. Some of you are probably just so fed up with hearing about her that you’re about to eat some of her special candies yourself in order to flush the shit right out of your system, and I honestly can’t blame you. But my fascination with her (and with Lindsay Lohan—maybe there’s something to all this train wreck obsession) is pretty endless, and when she hangs an erratic left when she’s supposed to go right, well … I can’t help but notice it and point it out and throw it to the hyenas to chew it up and spit it out.

In the latest of bizarre actions, LeAnn performed this show at the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, California, and halfway through the performance, took off her stiletto heels (pictured in the gallery), complained of foot pain, and sat down on the stage’s carpet, warbling her way through the rest of the set from the ground, sheet music scattered hither, thither, and non.

If that wasn’t odd enough, she started muttering between songs, talking about being angry and digging holes. To the audience, LeAnn said, “Anybody ever been pissed off at some point and you just couldn’t get it out? And if you did, you actually might dig yourself a deeper hole, so you just let the other person dig themselves a hole?”

All I know is that Brandi better get her skinny Beverly Hills-living ass hid, because one of these nights she might wake up from a dead sleep to find LeAnn standing over her with a digging spade and a fresh hole in her own backyard.


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  • It gets even creepier. Leann sent Brandi’s boss, Andy C, a tweet saying that she wanted to be a guest on his show Watch What Happens Live.

  • I know this is a minor side note to the real issues at hand, but as someone with lots of musicians in my life it sticks in my craw – she had to have the sheet music in front of her?!! I could RANT!

  • More passive aggressive tweets from Leann today: “Just finished filming my @cmtcody cmt radio questions. Good times… off to the gym, hang time w/ my bonus dad, mason’s soccer party & a BFF’s housewarming party. Full day! What are you guys doing?? ”

    What type of a person tweets about a child just to taunt the child’s mother and spite those who asked her to stop being so disrespectful? For someone who is always complaining about how people judge her, criticizing Brandi for speaking to the press, and whining about how it’s unfair that people are always in her business, why is she on twitter giving the paps her plan for the day? So let me guess, we are going to see photos of her at the gym with her stepfather, going to her BFFs party, or at Brandi’s son’s soccer game. Eddie is such a lowlife, why would he continue to allow Leann to tweet about his son after what he allowed Leann and Darrell to write in that email to Brandi?

  • Did you know that Leann cried in her interview with Guiliana and ENews? Well that just proves it right? Leann cried, so she must feel remorse, right? Wait, what? Leann cried in her interview with Katie last month too? And after that interview and show of tears, she continued to taunt Brandi and tweet about Brandi’s kids. And Leann shed tears when she gave interviews to GAC, Shape, and ABC/Robin Roberts too. And after those interviews she continued to taunt Brandi.

    The internet is slammed with stories about how Leann took a dig at Brandi at her concert, and then Leann tries to fix it by having Gossip Cop, Taste of Country, and ROL post about how she cried in her interview as if that absolves her bad behavior. If Leann truly wanted people to accept her remorse, all she had to do was stop tweeting about Brandi’s kids.

    Why would she use crying to get sympathy seeing that it backfired against her when she did it last month on Katie?
    If In Touch didn’t buy into the tears when she did this on Katie, why would they now? Because Guiliana and ENews said so?

  • I actually really am sick of the Leann stories. I don’t understand. Every one is prefaced with “she’s not a star anymore,” and yet there’s an update on her trashy life every day.

  • Why does she even pretend to be a singer anymore? She used to have a beautiful voice and now she’s sitting on the floor half-assing it? Eek. I guess now she’s too good to even perform properly for her fans.

  • Oh MAN! I live in that area…how could i have MISSED this trainwreck in the making??? DAMN! I need to be more vigilant.

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