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Kristen Stewart Might Lose Her Job with Balenciaga

A photo of Kristen Stewart

As I’m sure you remember, Kristen Stewart landed a pretty sweet gig as “the face” of Balenciaga perfume earlier this year. It was a really good move for her, and as she’s said time and again in her own awkward way, she really, truly loves it. She loves Balenciaga fashion, and she absolutely loves their new fragrance. Loves it, loves it, loves it.

But, and I’m sure you’ll remember this as well, she also loved some sexual relations with Rupert Sanders over the summer. And that could cost her the job.

Here’s the deal: Kristen was really tight with Balenciaga’s creative director, and she really loved his work and looked up to him. But there’s a new creative director now. His name is Alexander Wang, and do you know what his BFF’s name is? Guess. Just guess.

Liberty Ross. BOOM.

Yeah, the new creative director of Balenciaga is personally and professionally close to Liberty, Rupert Sander’s wife, the lover scorned by these indiscretions. Liberty’s walked in Wang’s fashion shows, even. And she’s not exactly timid, you know?

That’s why Kristen could get fired. Nothing official has happened yet, and there’s no word from Balenciaga. This is just a rumor, but it’s a pretty good one, right?

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  • I love Wang as a designer and am really happy for him and excited for the fashion house that they’ve brought him on-board. Not a fan of KStew but find this implausible. Wang is the designer…creative. KStew is a working actor with a lot of publicity. The line chose her as a business decision. Will Wang be making business decisions as well as designing?

  • Based only on her ad, I wouldn’t buy this perfume anyway. I’m not saying she was a bad choice but that pic is just awfull.

  • Ooh this is juicy gossip. I love Valencia’s and was revolted by Kristen being featured in their ad campaign. I hope Liberty has more friends in high places who can blacklist her. She is so arrogant she needs to be taken down a peg.

  • I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. I’m not a fan of hers but something like that shouldnt cost her a job. She’s basically being forced to stay with Rob for those stupid movies, I can’t say I blame her for cheating.

  • i wish this was true, because she was an awful choice. but marketing people make these decisions, so if she sells product, she’ll keep her job. ugh