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Watch This Video of Kristen Stewart Being Too Awkward to Live

This is a video of that interview I told you about a few days ago, remember? That interview that Kristen Stewart did to promote her Balenciaga perfume that was supposed to last for thirty minutes and wrapped up after about sixteen. Because Kristen Stewart was being too awkward to live.

But no, I get it. I’m not trying to hate on her right now. I can’t imagine anyone being able to talk about a perfume for half an hour, especially when the interviewer keeps asking the same questions over and over (“no really, about that movie thing”). And who thought it would be a good idea to have Kristen do a live interview anyway? Certainly it wasn’t anyone who has ever met or heard of Kristen Stewart. And why did Kristen take this job anyway if she’s so bad at talking? So many questions are going unanswered.

Anyway, I challenge you to watch this entire video. Bonus points if you can keep from jiggling your leg and messing with your fingernails.

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  • While KS is so awkward it hurts, the interviewer also totally sucks balls. At least at one point, KS ATTEMPTED to keep the interview going.

  • Yep, Kristen was awkward, but everyone knows that. I blame the organisation and the interviewer. That lady was so horrible at her job (is this even her job?). She speaks English well, but the mistakes made it even more awkward (“the question of Claudia” rather than “Claudia’s question”–it’s just distracting). It wasn’t until over halfway through this disaster that she even tried to help move it along and her attempt at a wrap-up was mortifying and actually made me sympathetic towards Kristen Stewart, which is a new feeling.

    Furthermore, I used to work in PR and we would NEVER have let a client go on a live show looking and acting like this. They obviously did not prepare her for this AT ALL, which just seems appalling to me. How many megamillions does Balenciaga have? And they couldn’t hire a coach for her or bother going over a few questions ahead of time? WHAT? Even without diluting the “live”-ness of the interview, you could ask a few sample questions to loosen her up and get her thinking. The absolute first question we used as a sample was always “what are your three top ideas about this topic” or something along those lines, so I am just horrified that she couldn’t even answer “what three words does this perfume bring to mind” because if NOTHING else, she should have been prepared for that. As a professional, she should have prepared herself, yes, but Balenciaga should have realised they had too much riding on this and figured it out before letting her go live. And hired an actual, professional television reporter/newsperson to interview her, rather than some random French lady.