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Blind Items Revealed: The Return of the Cleft Chin Licker

photo of Aaron Eckhart pictures
From Blind Gossip:

Aaron Eckhart has an interesting way of picking up women. He likes to anonymously contact cleft-chinned women on a certain internet modeling site and tell them that he is interested in photographing them.

If they say “Yes!” the courtship-to-chin-licking has begun!

So Gwyneth Paltrow and Molly Sims just didn’t have the stuff to hold his attention. But if you are a tall, leggy blonde female with a cleft chin – and you post your pic on a popular modeling site – consider yourself an excellent candidate for a date with Aaron Eckhart.

Oh, and be sure to catch Aaron in Olympus Has Fallen and I, Frankenstein next year. Both are thrillers… though surely neither can compare to the thrill of having Aaron lick your chin!

Hm. So it’s not John Mayer and his sexual obsessions with Jessica Simpson and her cleft chin that we talked about all those months ago, it’s Aaron Eckhart. And hey, if I remember correctly, some of *you* guys guessed Aaron, too! Small world, isn’t it, folks?

Does this surprise you at all? Repulse you? Kind of, you know, turn you on?

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