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Blind Item: What Celebrity Likes to Lick Cleft Chins?

photo of john mayer cleft chin pictures
From Blind Gossip:

This one is just weird. This handsome actor has at least two films coming out in the next year. He has dated several famous beautiful women, including a famous model and a famous actress.

Here’s something interesting though: When he dates a non-famous woman, he has a specific physical type. Of course they are usually tall, leggy, and blonde… but there is one physical feature on which he is completely fixated…

Their chin. He thinks that cleft chins are an incredible turn on. Nothing arouses him more than kissing and stroking a woman’s cleft chin. Oh, and he expects you to run your tongue inside his little groove in return. Yes, he has a cleft chin, too.

One of the women described his chin fetish this way: “It’s not horrible. It’s just f*cking weird. You’re just lying there wondering when he’s going to be done licking your chin. And then he wants you to do it to him.”

So, next time you see this actor with a beautiful, non-famous woman, you will know that he hasn’t fallen for her beauty or her brains or her talent. He’s fallen for her chin.

OK, yes, that is weird. Like, really, really weird. Especially the part where one of the women claimed that it was weird because she had to wonder when he’d be done. And then she’d have to “do” him, too. Bizarre. So I investigated this one for a really long time, and these are the few that I came up with:

Leonardo DiCaprio
John Mayer
Aaron Eckhart
John Travolta
Ashton Kutcher

And I really, really want it to be either John Mayer (though he’s not working on any movies that I’m aware of, but I could totally see it being real because he’s so ridiculous as it is) or John Travolta. Because that would just be funny. And odd. And what does John Travolta encompass aside from “funny” and “odd,” other than that other “masseuse” word?

Thoughts? Who digs the buttchin so much that they have a sexual fetish with it?

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