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Quotables: Brandi Glanville’s Really Mad About That Outfit, LeAnn Rimes

photo of leann rimes pictures

Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children “her boys” Sooo transparent!They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons… 4 now.

Brandi Glanville, via Twitter of course, referencing a couple of Tweets of LeAnn Rimes‘ that Brandi didn’t like. What Tweets, you ask? Well, these Tweets:

Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it’s a family tour weekend. It’s always more fun when they are with me.

Oh and this one, too:

Off to Seattle with the 3 cutest boys ever! It was a last minute family trip, the best kind!! #tour

Later, after LeAnn published a bunch of photos of Eddie and Brandi’s children building fires in the “family’s” rented beachfront home, Brandi Tweeted this:

Taking a break from Twitter to breathe and punch some pillows

(Ahem, that’s healthy.) Later Brandi claimed that LeAnn had somehow put her boys in danger while on her family vacation, and let her followers know just how mad she was:

I could give a rats ass about her but she has put both of my boys in danger now and Its time to do something.

Though the initial Tweet about what “danger” Brandi spoke of was deleted, it was still seen by most people (as per normal) on Twitter, and sources are saying that it had something to do with her boys not wearing a helmet when engaging in a physical activity that required one, and nothing at all to do with LeAnn’s crazy-crappy traveling outfit from yesterday.


And you think you have a dysfunctional family, guys? Imagine what it’s like for these two poor boys that have to grow up around both Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. That should put things in perspective for you.

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  • You forgot about all the “happy family” photos that Leann posted of Eddie and the boys on the website that she makes her fans pay for. And how Leann tweeted “I love you” to that woman from XFactor who had been sending harassing tweets to Brandi. And how Leann has been tweeting passive aggressive quotes from those stepmother blogs. And how Leann attempted to create a gang of TwitterStepMoms. And how Leann was complaining to those very same stepmothers because the kids spent a week with their mother for the holiday.

    Brandi’s frustration and anger are understandable. What can she do when she is up against someone like Leann (who won’t take no for an answer and has a lawyer who makes other lawyers afraid to even cross him) and Eddie(who allows Leann to do what she wants with the kids because Leann has hooked him up with jobs from Tyler Perry and money)? Brandi probably feels powerless. At times it also sounds like Brandi’s lawyers are too sacred of Leann’s lawyer to even address the issue of what Leann is posting about the boys to twitter and that website.

    Leann posted the video of the boy after RHOBH aired on Monday. Leann always pulls stunts like this. It’s her way of getting back at Brandi.

  • Leann posted another photo of Brandi’s child(the one she made the video of), this time walking on a beach with his father. Rather than do the right thing and stop posting the photos of the kids, Leann posts even more photos of the kids to show Brandi and the media that SHE(not Brandi) has the ultimate say so when it comes to Brandi’s kids.

    I’m just curious, what exactly can Brandi do when Leann is flat out bragging about how she can do whatever she wants because no lawyer(including Brandi’s) is going to ever challenge her lawyer?

    • How can Brandi shut her down? Well, first she has to evict the 16 year old whine bag that is living inside her head. That’s going to be hard. The second thing is to dump Twitter like it was a radioactive turd and never tweet again. The third thing she should do when she has concerns for her kids is to call their father’s cell and tell him upfront that she wishes him to take better safety precautions or whatever. The fourth thing she should do is the cruelest and most effective thing possible…completely ignore LeAnne like she’s dead.

      • There are several problems with your logic.

        Whine bag? Those are Brandi’s kids. Leann has been taunting Brandi for 3 years now, so Brandi has every right to express herself. The first step is to stop blaming Leann’s victims for daring to speak up about what Leann is doing to them. Why do people seem to think that silencing Brandi or whoever Leann is bullying at the moment will solve the problem?

        Brandi has been ignoring Leann. Leann has been taunting Brandi for weeks, this didn’t start on Friday like several sites are claiming. It’s been going on since Leann left “rehab”. As usual, the media left out this huge chunk of the story. The more Brandi ignored Leann, the more Leann tweeted and posted photos of the kids and encouraged her fans to taunt Brandi. Leann’s behavior got worse on Friday and Saturday. After Brandi called her out yesterday, Leann stopped tweeting and posting photos of the kids. But after Leann saw several media outlets blaming Brandi for daring to speak up about what Leann is doing to her, Leann is back to taunting again and posting photos of the kids. How long is Brandi supposed to ignore Leann?

        Brandi has been upfront with Eddie several times about how she didn’t want Leann to tweet, blog, and post photos of her kids or set up staged photo-ops with her kids. If talking to Eddie was an option that Brandi could pursue, don’t you think that Leann’s tweets and photos would have stopped by now? The fact of the matter is that talking to Eddie is useless. He allows Leann to tweet and post photos because he likes the gifts Leann gives him for it. Leann has arranged for Eddie to work on Tyler Perry’s new movie and on one of Tyler Perry’s sitcoms, so do you really think Eddie is about to tell Leann to stop the nonsense? Why do you think that Leann posted the photo of Eddie with his son today?

        The point is that this won’t be resolved until someone is brave enough to stand up to Leann and her lawyer. This isn’t going to go away by ignoring Leann. Perhaps if the media had called Leann out when she was whining about the kids spending the holiday with their mother, things would be different.

      • Blasted1… Dude, don’t prod it, don’t poke it, just let it be…kinda like roadkill. Arguing with guest is an exercise in futility

  • See, Leann acknowlegdes that talking to Eddie privately isn’t an option for Brandi because Eddie is going to always side with Leann in matters concerning his kids because Leann’s MONEY and ability to get him jobs rules:

    “the only thing he needs to do us private not publicly. He always is behind me”-Leann Rimes

  • Just when you think that Leann can’t possibly stoop any lower…Leann just posted about 30 photos of her and Eddie on the beach with the kids to her fan website(See, Eddie can’t possibly be tired of Leann like ROL said because they are on a beach writing Cibrian in the sand and hugging their bonus mommy as they smile big for the camera-did Leann take that Joe guy or Sara H woman with them?). But no one should even be surprised by the fact that Leann is still in taunt mode and posting more “happy family” photos. US Weekly, Eonline, ROL, and Huff Po told Leann that her actions were okay when they wrote articles depicting Brandi as the bad guy for going public about what Leann did this weekend. After the bad day that Leann had today, I really thought that she would tone down the tweets and photos of the kids. But I guess those articles slamming Brandi really helped to revive Leann! Geat job US Weekly, Huff Po, Eonline, and ROL!

  • though i empathize with mama brandi, why must she vent on twitter? it is pathetic. leann still sucks the most in this scenario, but please, both y’all ladies, let go of the twitter & vent to friends face-to-face and/or a therapist. preferably a therapist.

  • @CHAZ

    Says the person who told CAS to post a photo of a dirty tampon. Doesn’t Leann have a fan who is obsessed with tampons? It’s only an exercise in futility for you because you lack common sense. Obviously I hit the nail on the head with that post because if what I said in that post wasn’t valid or didn’t ring true, you wouldn’t have taken the time and energy to make such a response. You do understand that your post also defeats your purpose, right?

    • What the hell are you talking about?! I have never had any such conversation in my life, and I am completely sick of your insane bullying.
      Get some help.

      • Bizarre, right?

        Come on, Cran, we all know that you have inside information on LeAnn. Or that HEY. Maybe you are LeAnn. ;)

      • I’m sorry Cas…I started this one, ya think I’d take my own advise!!! It’s just so damn funny when guest starts rambling…. Guest seems to have little ouble-tray when she gets her ussy-pay in a wad!!!

      • Do you have a memory problem or are you just lying to save face? In the “Ugh, LeAnn Rimes Adopted A Dog” thread(November 9, 2012), please see the post that you made on November 9, 2012 at 5:24 pm.

        CAS “disappeared”, and then this CHAZ person popped up to pick up where CAS left off.

        This is the comment that CHAZ made in response to the post that CAS made at 5:24 pm: Chaz says: November 9, 2012 at 6:45 pm Cas, thats hilarious!! After seeing the response from “guest” I wish you had found an image of a used tampon or something!!)

        CHAZ made a comment about thorazine. At the time I thought he knew all about throrazine because he was taking it, but someone told me that you made a post on another site telling other people that they were acting like your mother who has schizophrenia. Thorazine is also used to treat schizophrenia. It’s funny that CHAZ would bring up something like this when you too have a history of doing this on other site.

        Someone else showed up the next day and said that they thought that CHAZ/CAS were Leann’s fans and then this CHAZ person went quiet and stopped posting in that thread(or probably just went to another thread/blog to continue to vent about what happened in that thread).

      • Having personal histories with both CAS and Chaz, I can assure you—they’re two totally different people.

  • If Eddie could get his dick hard forLeann and get her pregnant she wouldn’t give a rats ass for those two boys. Brandi, baby, send them some champagne, oysters, caviar and chocolate and help them make Cibrian # 3 and your problems will be over.

  • @CranApple Snapple

    There you go playing the victim again. It’s you who is doing the insane bullying because you can’t handle what people are saying about Leann. One minute you are trashing Leann, but the moment someone says something that you don’t like about Leann you go crazy. You know exactly what I am talking about. In the thread about Leann’s new dog I posted that Leann named the dog after Eddie’s co-star Jane Leeves. You then came back to that thread and posted photos of a “nutbar”. I commented how silly that made you look. Then from no where this CHAZ person showed up and asked you to post a photo of a dirty tampon. I then told CHAZ that he had no reason to talk about anyone and applied your nutbar photo to him. The posts are still there, so you can’t insist that this never happened. Seriously you can deny it all you want, but all I have to do is go to those thread and repost exactly what CHAZ/CAS posted.

    What’s bizarre is this CAS/CHAZ person. CAS can’t because she/he knows that she/he is wrong. Or does CAS do this so often that she/he forget what does? I love how this person denies that things never ever happen, when it’s all in plain site for all to see.

  • @CHAZ

    Seriously the person who asked CAS to post photos of a dirty tampon is going to call someone crazy?

    Of course you started it, you were upset about the negative article that one blogger posted about Leann. Since you only post on this site, you just had to come here to vent, right? It’s just so damn funny when CAS/CHAZ starts rambling….and making posts acting like the victim. CAS/CHAZ seems to have little ouble-tray when he/she sees these negative articles about Leann. Why? Does it seem bizarre to everyone how this CAS/CHAZ person comes out of hiding when Leann is getting the maximum amount of backlash?

  • @Sarah

    So does CAS/CHAZ work for this site? But you can agree that both CAS and CHAZ are not as innocent as they make themselves out to be. That CAS person is always attacking people on other sites and this site, so it’s really odd how she then sits here and whines about being bullied or denies that she didn’t do what is well documented.

    • Hi guest! No, CAS/Chaz don’t work for the site (nor have they ever). We’ve just been e-corresponding for quite some time and I think they’re lovely, wonderful people who are on a lighthearted gossip site to have fun and converse with intelligent people.

    • Wow…. Ok guest, I’m going to reply one last time…. I do, however, know that you will respond because you are the type who has to have the last word. I responded originally because of the virulent, twatty way you responded to Cas…. & I ask you, whats twattier than a used rag? Btw, I’ve never met Sarah or Cas…especially since one lives across the international date line.. I have no reason to lie, I admit everything I said… This is the only gossip site I post on, people like you who are so thoroughly obsessed about a has been country singer creep me the fuck out. Lastly, I’m tired of your dementia…. Do us all a favor, curl up in a ball, like you’re trying to smell a fart, and roll your demented ass down whatever hole you creeped out of…..

  • @CHAZ

    Says the poster who is obsessed with dirty tampons and farts! People like you who are so thoroughly obsessed about people who don’t like a has been country singer creep me the fuck out. I’m tired of your dementia….and victim playing. Do us all a favor, curl up in a ball, like you’re trying to smell a fart, and roll your demented ass down whatever hole you creeped out of…..did you see another negative article about Leann?

    It’s not about having the last word, it’s about the bizarre behavior that YOU display when people say things about Leann that you don’t like or how you resort to playing the victim when you get called out for your behavior. If you don’t like being called out for your obsession with dirty tampons then perhaps you shouldn’t have made the post in the first place.

    You are you just flat out rewriting history to make it look like CAS/CHAZ is the victim. I didn’t respond to CAS in a virulent or twatty way. I made comment about the dog’s name, CAS didn’t like what I said, and she went nuts indirectly name calling by posting the photo of a nutbar. I was valid in questioning why CAS would go down that road when she made such a big fuss about being bullied 2 weeks prior to making that comment.

    Your initial post wasn’t to me, it was to CAS. This is what you actually said:

    “Chaz says: November 9, 2012 at 6:45 pm
    Cas, thats hilarious!! After seeing the response from “guest” I wish you had found an image of a used tampon or something!!)”

    You never met Sarah or CAS? This is what I mean. Why do you lie when the evidence suggests otherwise? In one post it says that she has personal histories with both you and CAS. And in another it says that you and CAS have been in e-commuications with her for quite some time.

    • Bored now…… Can’t you come up with any comebacks of your own, why do you always rehash other peoples comments? You’ve failed miserably, online as well as in life!

      • Says the person who wants to see photos of dirty tampons!
        So now you are upset because someone applied your line of logic to you? People rehash your comments because you are guilty of the very same thing you are trying to lecture others on. If I failed miserably you wouldn’t still be here making posts, rewriting history, or writing posts about farts.

  • @CHAZ

    Wait, I thought you said that you were going to reply one last time? Why are you highfiving, when you just got caught in 2 more lies? I know that you read Sarah’s posts because you sent her a high five!

      • According the post that you made at 7:21 pm it’s your reading comprehension that suckdiddlyucks: “Wow…. Ok guest, I’m going to reply one last time….”

        You said one last time. Don’t get mad at me because you do one thing and then say another.

        I asked if she had met you IN PERSON. Your response was that you NEVER met either one of them. It’s not about reading comprehension. Instead of calling me names, perhaps you should pay more closely to what you are saying!

  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    Based on the comments that CHAZ is making tonight, he has been sniffing his bum one too many times! I love how he says that he has NEVER met Sarah when there are two posts that directly says otherwise!

  • @CHAZ

    Says the person who on Nov 9 asked someone to post a photo of a dirty tampon! Yes we know that you have a dizzying intellect! That was very evident when you resorted to name calling, rewrote history depicting yourself as the victim, posted about farts, and couldn’t figure out why your own words were applied to him. Of course you concede(just like you were going to post one last time)…so how many more posts can I expect from you today?

  • At the risk of making a sane point (which half of the commenters are also doing), I think that the behavior of both of these ladies is unhealthy. Being pointlessly contrary does not help the boys, and neither does being extremely and publicly hostile.

    In both cases, the fight becomes about hostilities and not about what is best for the children. Not healthy.

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