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4Let Me Guess—Rihanna Was Going for ‘Demure’ in This Dress, I’ll Bet

photo of rihanna nude perfume launch pictures macy's pic
This is what Rihanna wore to her perfume launch for “Nude,” which was held at Macy’s over the last few days. If you guys didn’t already know, and the previous statement didn’t give it away all that much, Rihanna “created” a new perfume called “Nude,” and it launched. Whee.

About the scent, which includes hints of pear, Gardenia petals, jasmine Sambac and “numerous other feminine hues,” Rihanna had this to say:

“My third fragrance, Nude, is subtle but it is also substantial – it is a fragrance you will want to wear with nothing else. I cannot get enough of this.”

Well har de har de hur duh bur. “It is a fragrance you will want to wear with nothing else” and “I cannot get enough of this”, clearly meaning she walks around naked all the time in this perfume and hangs all over Chris Brown, just like she hangs all over Chris Brown when she’s clothed.

Any questions? No? Then yes. Let’s assume that Rihanna was definitely going for ‘demure’ in the above dress—’demure’ and ‘classy’ and ‘timeless’, but the only thing she succeeded in (despite the fact that she looks pretty) is convincing us that she’s neither ‘demure’ nor ‘classy’ nor ‘timeless’. Unless you mean the complete opposite of all those three things and then yes, girl’s got this shit on lockdown.

December 2, 2012 at 1:00 pm by Sarah
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4 Responses to “Let Me Guess—Rihanna Was Going for ‘Demure’ in This Dress, I’ll Bet”

  1. Pique says:

    love the outfit

  2. nakedpainter says:

    Well, aside from the lighting being extremely unflattering, she looks like she’s trying out for the school play… in middle school. It’s her posture (or lack thereof) and the whiteness of the dress… a little quinceañera if you ask me, aside from the visible panties, of course. You think she’d try harder at her own launch… but then again this woman went back to Chris Brown for some *shudder* reason.

  3. Maryland says:

    Did she get a nose job?

  4. Marla says:

    Ugly, ugly, ugly.

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