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No, I Don’t Know Why R.E.M. Thinks Lindsay Lohan’s Cool, Either

The only thing that might make this video worse, however, is the fact that James Franco is the one who directed the damn thing. What, you guys don’t remember hearing a few months back that James Franco and Lindsay Lohan were collaborating on a thing? Because apparently, it was true, and this is the thing.

I just need to know why James (ugh) and Lindsay (ick) had to go and drag R.E.M. into it. I really, really liked R.E.M. a whole lot until this thing, and now I’m not even sure if there isn’t such a thing as being a complete and total sell-out, and who, if anyone, is above it.

I guess the only thing that makes sense about this whole thing is that there’s a verse in the song that talks about copious amounts of drinking. Lindsay would know all about that, so that fits. It’s forgivable. Oh. And Patti Smith sings on the track, too. That might redeem a little bit of errant f-ckery somewhere, maybe.

As you guys may or may not know, this is probably the last video you’ll ever see from R.E.M. Their final album, ‘Collapse Into Now’, was released earlier in the year. The band broke up last September after making music together for nearly thirty years. Oh my God I feel old. And like many other things, R.E.M. goes out with a Lindsay Lohan-like bang.

Poof. Boom.

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  • Gross. Loved REM too. On a plus side, Hollywood reporter trashed her performance in Liz and Dick…obviously.

  • What a pretentious pile of crap. I want to smack her every time she sticks those dirty fingers in her mouth. It’s not sexy or cute after hundreds of times having to see her suck those nubs.

  • booooorrrrrrriiiiiiiing. i do love me some patti smith though! epic, timeless babe. F the rest of this S.

  • Ok so REM used super poor judgement allowing the poster girl for trash heaps be featured in this boring song and video. So, what is next? Will she soon be found dead of an overdose or some dramatic crap; so u can watch this video in her memory? How appropo’

  • Guess they couldn’t find anyone that represents Hollywood´s decadence as much as she does. I mean, that´s why they chose her, isn’t it? She sure is the symbol of everything that is wrong with this world to me. What I find kind of amusing about this video is the fact that she just doesn’t realize the way she´s being portrayed and acts like a sex symbol (on drugs) in every shot. The thing I find more annoying is the fact that they hired Professor Franco to direct this thing, like his ego wasn’t big enough already.

  • Agree with Iana. She’s not being glamorized here. She’s being portrayed as a modern day Edie Sedgwick, possibly heading for the “27 Club.”

    But yes, I do also love me some Patti Lee Smith! She’s a goddess. An inspiration. Also, her memoir “Just Kids” is just astounding. Highly recommend it. Such a strong woman amid such a crazy generation.

    • Good points, everyone. I guess the only thing left to say now is, “Wow, Lindsay will do anything for a buck—even degrade herself.”