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5Quotables: Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Get Twilight

A photo of Kristen Stewart

“Flop the roles. If Bella was a vampire and Edward was the human and you changed nothing but the genders, none of that criticism would exist. It would be ‘Wow, he just laid everything on the line for her. It’s so amazing, and it must take such strength to subject yourself to that.’ Also, the relationship is entirely equal.”

- Kristen Stewart discusses the creepy relationship between Bella and Edward in the Twilight books.

First off, no. This is all wrong. It doesn’t even make sense. People take issue with these books because Bella is a really dull character whose whole entire life revolves around her boyfriend who sneaks into her room to watch her while she sleeps and gets pissed if she talks to other dudes, and that’s sort of a bad role model for the young girls who fell in love with the books. That’s the whole point. Yeah, if you flip the roles then Bella would be the strong, powerful one with stalker tendencies and weird sex hangups, just like if you flipped the roles in the Hunger Games books then Katniss would be a corrupt asshole president trying to ruin Donald Sutherland’s life. Just because it’s a fact doesn’t mean that it’s at all relevant.

Also, no one would even say that. If you changed the genders, people would just be like “hey, look at that creepy bitch. Oh no, your boyfriend’s talking to some girl he used to hang out with when he was little? Better watch him while he sleeps so he doesn’t do anything shady.” It would still provide a bad role model for impressionable girls, just a different one.

And the relationship is entirely equal? Girl. Girl, no. Are you joking? Do you remember anything about the character you’ve played for the past four years? Because that character is not in an equal relationship. The relationship is weird, and it’s obsessive and uncomfortable and unhealthy, but it’s not equal.

Man, how psyched do you think Kristen is going to be when she doesn’t have to talk up Twilight anymore?

November 12, 2012 at 10:30 am by Emily
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5 Responses to “Quotables: Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Get Twilight

  1. Maryland says:

    What she said is actually true. I don’t get this stupid article you wrote. That’s what I don’t get lol

  2. Bus says:

    I’m not Kristen’s biggest fan but I don’t get the logic that all things must serve the public good. She sucks, the Twilight series got increasingly more and more brutal to read and watch and every little twit teen that was going to be mesmerized by a vampire obsessing about a virginal teenage oddball has been…and the world moves on.

  3. Jay says:

    It’s a romance people.

  4. mireee says:

    She is talking shit. Sometimes she says this intelligent stuff about gender roles and now she chooses to disregard the fact that Bella and Edward’s relationship is highly abusive and one that in real life would be classified as domestic violence. Read this for more info:–edward-are-in-an-abusive-relationship

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