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This Twilight Fan Claims That the Movie is the Reason For Her Existence … And She Means It, Too

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of a deep-seated neurosis.

Anita, Twilight‘s biggest fan – according to Moviefone – compiled the above video as an entry for a contest on the Moviefone website, aptly named ‘Are You the Biggest Twihard?’

Anita, because she is the Chuck Norris of Twilight fans (really, how much practice did it take to get that deadpan delivery of those creepy lines – wait, none, because like Chuck Norris, insanity lurks in the soul), won the contest and now her video has gone viral.

Congratulations to Anita (I guess, right?) and here’s hoping that Merck Pharmaceuticals has seen the video, created an anti-psychotic drug aptly named for the Twilight franchise, and begins marketing said drug soon. With trials conducted on Anita herself.

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