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Look, Ke$ha Has A New Music Video!

Back in September, I showed you guys a lyric video that Ke$ha did for her brand new single, “Die Young.” The song was undeniable Ke$ha, so you can use that fact to judge it, if you’d like.

But this video! It has wolves! And there’s Ke$ha writhing around in a pile of men, and writhing around in a pile of women, and then writhing around all by herself on a dirty old mattress. Oh, and there are triangles. Lots of triangles. Other shapes too, but the triangles really steal the show.

As always, I can’t hate on Ke$ha for doing her thing, but I also can’t love something that makes me feel like I’m dying. Her voice, guys. I just can’t handle it. It’s a pretty ok video though. You know, if you’re into shapes.